Saturday, December 31, 2005


Well just in time to put on my list of writing accomplishments for 2005, I have completed the rough draft of my first novel. After pushing myself to finish it for NaNoWriMo and failing, I decided to push myself to finish it by the end of the year. Today I got up and struggled through the last chapters. Now keep in mind it's not really finished. I'll put it aside and read it later. I already have notes on things I should check for. So to give you a lot of info would be a bad idea, seeing as how I'll probably tear it apart considering how I feel about my work(I never think it's good). I will tell you this, right now it stands 22 chapters long.

To wrap up my New Year's Eve post I wanted to say how excited I am that in this year I got my first fiction story published and had an ashcan made for my first comic book(hopefully to come in 2006) . There were many other things to be proud of. Out of all the submissions I sent out I received 22 rejection notices. That means 22 people may have taken the time to read my work! I also have wonderful people reading my blog that I started this year, thanks everyone! It's a lot to be happy about.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just a little list.

Now that the Christmas chaos is over and I am on vacation, there should be a big list of things I've gotten done this week. Well there isn't.
I'm trying to finish my novel so I can put it on my things accomplished list for the year 2005 .

Sunday, December 25, 2005


I hope that Christmas has gone well for everyone. Mine has been great! I thought long and hard about what to get my faithful readers for Christmas. I gave my live journal readers fabulous holiday photos, but what about my blog readers? Since this is about my journey in writing, I should post some work. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten anything new done in a while, but I did come up with a good idea. Here is the link to the second story I had published in Pandora's Gate. I promised it a while ago and finally searched for it today, just for you. Click on the issue with my name in the credits to read "Double Take 2: Sophomore Year", or don't , whatever. Sorry it isn't better but it's creative and free. What do you expect from a struggling writer? Maybe I'll post some new work for a belated gift if I get as much work done in my week off as I plan to.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bragging rights?

I got a pretty awesome grade in my class. I hate posting my good grades, because it feels like bragging, so I'm not going to. I know this whole blog is pretty much bragging about things, but I don't feel you really can call it bragging when you get published in the community college newspaper. Who's going to be envious of that? Pretty much anyone can do it, they just have the sense not to.

I haven't accomplished much on anything lately. I'll make a poor excuse and say I'm preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of Christmas. I do go on vacation next week and with school out as well, I should just crank out the work. Who knows what I'll get accomplished? Don't get your hopes up, you know how it goes when you plan on getting things done. It doesn't happen.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Feeling better

I'm feeling better. Classes are over. I don't know what I got yet but in creative writing I got a very good grade on my portfolio. HURRAY!
I'm also feeling pretty good because after my sadness caused by the book I was reading, I discovered something. The guy who wrote Eragon, his parents own the company that published it. I could have a New York Times bestseller saved on a disk but my parents aren't going to publish it for me. So at least I can believe that to feel better.
It is a little annoying that I have to spend a good portion of my time trying to get published. It's not fun but the writing is. Although I suppose I could just write and not try to get it published. I must admit that trying to get published has its good points. It's challenging, productive, humbling and occasionally rewarding.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

22, sad, and no bestseller :(

Since I have a love for magical book series, particularly in the children's section, a friend recommended the Inheritance trilogy to me. It's written by Christopher Paolini. The first book is Eragon and the second, Elder, just recently came out. I have been reading it and enjoying it but I must say it has managed to make me sad. I'm not finished yet but I glimpsed at the back page to read about the author. He's 21(at least he was when Eragon came out) and he already has a New York Times Bestseller.
It's rather depressing to think about the fact that I am past 21 and do not have a best seller. I know I should not compare myself to others but it's rather hard not to sometimes.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Crazy Idea #1

Just wanted to say that I talked to Jenni about the crazy work e-mail novel idea and she likes it. I'll keep updating on it.

As for the other ideas, nothing yet. I'm slacking

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Okay, so lately I have some weird ideas for writing projects. I felt like sharing them with you.

1. I write a small novel every time I e-mail my friend Jenni. Usually they are pretty interesting. Often they are about crazy people at work. I am going to start saving them to a file and create a memoirs book out of them. All the e-mails are rather interesting really. While most of it may be things you can read on my livejournal or hers, I still think they are fabulous. Maybe I'll save reply e-mails and have a co-author. Who knows?

2.I know I said that poetry wasn't my thing but I have to say I loved my sonnet. I know it was the farthest thing from the best literature ever, but it was fun. Writing it was fun and I loved peoples reaction to it. Sure they thought it was silly but I'm cool with that. So here's my crazy idea. Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets (I think?). I'm going to do the same. However, they will not be about love, emotion, time, and seasons. Oh no folks I'm going to write each of my sonnets about a different comic book superhero. If I run out of hero's I'm heading to villains. Then I'll make a book out of them. That's my crazy idea. Hopefully, nobody steals it.

3. My novel is near finished probably by the end of the week. What then you ask? I need an agent. I'm going to do it folks, I'm writing query letters and I'm looking for an agent. I don't know if I have enough publishing credits or talent but I'm gonna give it a whirl.

4. I have a short-short that I would never have considered anything. I wrote it for class as my in class writing assignment. My teacher suggested putting it into a contest. I really didn't understand why but I'm giving it a shot.

I'll keep you posted on all of the above. I know it's crazy but one of them just might work!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Shaffierean Sonnet #1

As mentioned in the previous post, today in my creative writing class we tackled rhyme and meter poetry. I am not a fan of poetry and had a rough time with the free verse and prose poems we had done through out the semester. So to focus on syllables and iambic pentameter, not to mention rhyming lines in a pattern, well lets just say I was more than excited. Our professor did not have us use this type of poetry through out the year unless we wanted to, because she did not want to limit our creativity. Today however, she wanted us to give it a try.
During class, particularly when discussing the difference between prose poetry and short-shorts, it was determined that poetry tends to have less of a tale to tell or someplace it's going, but rather expresses emotions and ideas. So when we set forth today we looked into some of the most famous rhyme and meter poetry of all time, Shakespearean sonnets.
For those of you unfamiliar with them they are often about seasons, time, love, emotion. Basically everything you would expect from poetry. Our teacher said we could really do any form but sonnets would probably be easiest. Well I figured William had really set the bar high for serious sonnets so I was going to go all out crazy. The professor tried to inspire us with two words, 'strange exhilaration'. This made me think of flying, which lead to superhero's, which lead to my sonnet. You're probably thinking, "she's teasing us by writing all this and now we'll never get to see it". You're wrong! Since I have absolutely no idea who would publish this, I will publish it here, for my faithful fan(s). Don't worry for those of you who don't get it I will explain at the end. Hopefully you like it, when I read it aloud in class people actually laughed! Here it is the first of my many sonnets.

He lands in the street, dropping from the sky.
Swears to protect, always ready to fight.
He is and is not a regular guy.
Crime fighting the job, they call him Dark Knight.

The Penguin, the Joker, and Ras al Ghul,
He is strong enough to stop them. Pow! Wham!
They use their power and evil to rule,
But he is just too fast for them. Bang! Bam!

Jumping from roof to roof over Gotham,
No resting when catching the enemy.
Sending some to jail and others to Arkham,
And he will return when they are set free.

They try to get by him but no one can.
He stands over watching, he is Batman.

For reference:(Batman is often referred to as the Dark Knight. The Penguin, the Joker and Ras al Ghul are all Batman villains. In the old comics and 60's T.V. series, in fight scenes they would use sound bubbles with words such as "Bam!" when hitting and such. Gotham City is Batman's hometown. Arkham is the insane asylum where the bad guys go.)

I would also like to express how excited I am that I figured out how to make line breaks. It took me nearly two hours of frustration as my sonnet kept coming out in a paragraph, but I figured out it was a format setting.

Friday, December 02, 2005

It's been awhile.

I know it's been nearly two weeks since I posted. I'll keep my explanation short by saying AOL sucks and I'm working on getting a cable modem (for further details visit ). With that out of the way let me tell everyone what's up.

Sadly, I did not finish my NaNoWriMo novel. I do intend to but it did not get finished in the month of November. I failed this year but all is not lost because I still have a near finished novel. FYI, since I did not get the opportunity to update the NaNoWriMo website, my final word count for the month of November was 41610.

On the much brighter side I mentioned a bit ago that I wrote a sequel to "Double Take" my superhero duo story that was published in Pandora's Gate, a Paper Dragon Ink production. I sent the sequel off to them and it got published last week. Hurray! I'm having trouble locating it on the web thanks to my current old school access. When I get it I'll post it or you can go to and search around.

My final project for class is due next week. It's a portfolio that must include one short story, one scene, a short-short, 2 free verse poems, a prose poem and a reflective essay. I guess we know what I'll be doing all week. When we go to turn them in we have to stay and practice rhyme and meter poetry. I'll try to contain my excitement.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I lived through workshop!

Even though I started my class reviews for workshop a week early, I still found myself struggling to think of things to improve on while staying up until four in the morning the night before class. Apparently, everyone else had trouble but they did not struggle through for comments. They just didn't give any. So I'm sure I look like I think I'm better than everyone because I put bad things but I was grasping. I was also the only one who typed up comment sheets and the only one who did a review of everybody's paper. If they didn't get someone's, they didn't ask for it they just didn't review it. Do I have issues? I must.
Anyway everyone had nice comments about my story. They thought it was funny. The females in the class particularly liked the teenage girls inner monologue as she struggles to fight evil as well as impress the guy she likes. I also got lots of compliments on my dialogue. So over all it went okay.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Reviewing peers

My novel progress has unfortunately slowed. I am no longer on track because I should be half way done by tomorrow. I am not. I'm close but not quite. I have been working on a few other things so I've been a little sidetracked.

The first thing that I've been working on is my class reviews. I have to read nine short stories that are written by my peers and review them. It is tough. I see things that I would change but I don't know how to word it. I don't want to offend anyone. I have a tough time reviewing famous literature. It's ten times more tough when you have to present it to the writer personally. This is something I know shouldn't bother me but I just don't like doing it.

Another thing I have been working on is entries for a writing contest. It's an LCC contest and whoever wins go to a state competition. There is no entry fee. You do have to get a teacher to sign off on the entry and submit it for you. The deadline is next Friday but since I won't see my creative writing professor next week due to the holiday I have to have them ready before Thursday. I'm submitting two of the stories I have been sending out to companies, but I want to give them a good revision. After all they didn't get picked up by anyone so maybe they could use some extra work.

I try getting to my novel when I can but it's been a busy week. Hopefully, I can make it.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sharing your imagination

Another comic book show today and I couldn't stand to be there. No, I'm not getting tired of comic book shows or comic books. I'm getting tired of not being there to promote my own comic book. All I do is sell and by other stuff and it makes me feel gloomy. It's not that I want to make money, I have no expectation of making the big bucks or the small bucks for that matter, I just want to see my work done. I want to see my accomplishment. I want to see other people enjoying my work.
I've been thinking about my writing a lot this week. With the new Harry Potter movie drawing near it makes me think. This happens often when something I really enjoy comes into the spotlight. I get envious. Not because J.K. Rowling is rolling in piles of cash or bombarded with fan mail. I'm sure those things are great but I think about how much I love her books. When I come home from work or have stressful moments I jump into these things and I feel better. I leave the world and life I am tired of and enter these amazing places and become these amazing people. I have always had the imagination to create these places for myself but it's wonderful seeing others. Sometimes you get bored or in a mental block and you can't carry yourself away. That is when you engross yourself in someone else's imagination and you experience things and learn things. It's when you get the chance to experience happy times that you don't have in your own life right now, you get to see horrible things that make you realize your life isn't that bad, or you get to see that their are other people who face the same things you do. That is how I feel about the things I read and watch. I don't know if it is the same for everyone, maybe I over think things or don't think enough. Perhaps I am even bordering on insanity. All I know is that if there is one person or everyone in the world that feels the same way I do, I want to share my imagination with them for the times when they need help breaking away.

It's not that I write only for other people, I write for myself. If you told me no one would ever read my work, I'd still write everyday. I have so many thoughts in my head and I'm so afraid one day I'll forget them. I have to put them down. I don't need to be rich or famous, I've never had either and I have had a great life this far. Yet when I did have tough times I always had somewhere to go. Whether it was in my own head or in a book, when my parents yelled, the kids teased, or my heart was broken I didn't sit around and focus on how much I hated things. I ran away to a place that let me be free from troubles. Then things were good. It's those good things that give you the strength to face the bad things, because you know the good things will come again eventually. I want to give the good things.
That is why I write. I'm just getting anxious because I really want to share it with as many people as possible, if they want to read it. I think about how much I enjoy diving into worlds created by others when I need a break from my imagination as well as my life. If no one else wants to see it that's okay because I have it for myself. That is how it started and I still love it.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Short-short prose poem

Today I sat in class and after spending nearly half an hour making sure everyone received each others papers via e-mail, we got to the really fun discussion. The next two and a half hours went to figuring out the difference between short-shorts (very short stories) and prose poetry (poetry written in paragraph form). Once we read a few of each we discussed the differences, then wrote a paper on the differences. Our next assignment will be to write one of each by focusing on the characteristics that we used to define what made them different. Oh how exciting!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Feeling good again

I just sent my story to my classmates. I was stressed about it but I don't care. As I ranted to my awesome coworker tonight while we worked diligently, she made a great point. It went something like this. "Who cares if it's deep," then reflecting upon one of my favorite things she said "look at Harry Potter it's got young kids and it's full of magic and sci-fi. It's loved by millions of people." That wasn't an exact quote but generally it was like that. What she said was true and it made me feel slightly better, at least for now. We'll see how I do in class next week when everyone gives their comments.

I'm still cracking on the novel. It's getting tough now. I'm losing speed. I'll trudge on.

Also I signed up for classes next semester and on the writing side I'll be taking "Writing for Publication". Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Coming up short?

As I was working on my novel today something occurred to me. What if I finish writing my novel and it's not 50,000 words. It's possible, especially since this will be my first full novel. Generally a novel would be more than 175 pages but it doesn't have to be. What would I do? Should I just force more for no apparent reason, start something else, write a crazy introduction or epilogue or do I just finish and not complete my NaNoWriMo task? I hope that doesn't happen but it could. I guess I'll figure it out if I get there, but hopefully my novel is longer than that.

It's still going well, though. I'm still on track and hopefully it will stay that way. I have pretty much set aside everything else in my life. I barely watch T.V., reading has been limited and poor Kreeg( my canine companion) has been lacking on walks. Darn you NaNoWriMo, you've turned me into a writing monster. That's okay, I like it and it's only a month.
I also added a new friend to my list. My fellow co-worker has decided to attempt to complete the challenge. Of course, I read a bit of hers and it makes mine seem kind of boring. I was thinking about posting a preview either here or at the web-site but I'm not sure I want anyone reading mine. I know, what's the point? I'll probably put something up when I get to a more exciting part.

Stressed about being unique!

I had today off from my everyday job and school so I wrote, a lot. Not only did I manage to type 3000 words for my novel today but I actually got my homework done. I wrote a high school, science fiction story that was a whole ten pages (this is only an awesome amount because it only needed to be six)!
I am a little concerned with my story. I think it's cool and it's definitely a story idea that I would find interesting. The first story I wrote for my class was very realistic and serious, so I wanted to do something different. This story is really laid back and kind of funny. I'm worried because the class had to give outlines last week and from everything I overheard, everyone seems to be doing serious stories. Everybody but one person did a serious, realistic story last time as well. Anyway, my big fear is that when the whole class reads this story, they're are going to think my story is immature and cheesy. It's not deep and meaningful. It's just fun but I think everyone in my class seems really serious. I don't want to change my story idea just because it doesn't go with conformity, that's why I went ahead and wrote it anyway. I am just nervous that people will hate it and not give it a fair chance. After all I am the one challenging myself by writing something completely different from my last paper. I really shouldn't stress, but you know I will.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Can't stop!

My plan for tomorrow is to write my story for class and I absolutely cannot work on my novel until it's done. I never thought writing a novel could be so addictive but it is. All I want to do is post a higher word count. I haven't written anything yet today because I know once I start I won't want to stop until I am tired. Right now I am just killing time until I'm going to watch something on T.V., once that is over I'll be writing in my novel again.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Seeking Approval!

Today I made a pretty sufficient dent in my novel. I think I'm off to a pretty good start. I will probably work on it some more once I get done taking a little break. Not a break form writing but a break from the story.
I also wrote a little bit more in my hero story and I also have not forgotten that I have a story to write for class. It's just I'm so excited about writing a novel that I can't focus on much else. No worries about the class project though. I have the whole story worked out I just have to put it down. Knowing me that will happen an hour before I'm supposed to send it out to all my class mates.
I feel horrible because I didn't get the interview therefore I didn't get the article done. Normally I wouldn't care since I have grown to dislike journalism, but I feel bad because I let my editor down. So I probably won't be asked for another article, which I'm okay with. I just don't like to disappoint people.

Time consuming moron!

I just realized that if I took a word count on all the letters I have written to my fellow co-workers in the past few weeks about the newest employee who acts like an eleven year old, that I would probably have close to enough to meet my NaNoWriMo goal. That is obviously an exaggeration but I do feel like I get less time to work on stuff because I spend a lot of time writing lengthy e-mails recording his moronic behavior. It could make a good book but I unfortunately haven't been saving any of it. Although spreading word of his idiotic ways does make me feel better. I know, now everyone's wondering what this employee does that is so bad. Mostly he lies about being great, doesn't do anything I ask him to and tells me I'm mean when I tell him to do his job. Maybe I'll start posting my e-mails since they are works of writing and they are entertaining.

In creative writing class I got my poetry back and I think the best comment I got was "I can tell you are more of a short fiction person than a poetry person". Our big paper that we have to send to the whole class is due next Wednesday. Then I have to read everyone else's. That should be fun.

I still haven't gotten either article done and the paper goes to print tomorrow. I asked my editor for suggestions. What I got was to go to the meeting for the association tonight (Thursday). I have to work every Thursday and I got the message at the time the meeting was ending. That is partly my fault since I can't check my voice-mail at school because it gets no signal there. I don't want to let the editor down but I'm not sure how much choice I'll have.
Registration for the winter semester starts next week and I have to figure out what I want to take. Decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Journalism down the drain.

ERR.... I am so frustrated with journalism, I would never want a career in it. I have been calling and e-mailing my article interviewees for over a week and I cannot get a reply. I am going to scream. My deadlines were yesterday. Now both the editors I was working with are going to hate me and never want to work with me again. While I am okay with not continuing with journalism, I am disappointed. I really don't like the idea of not finishing something I promised to do. Unfortunately, though, I just don't have the time to go to campus everyday and practically stalk people until they tell me what I want to know. I'm not saying that is what journalist do but I feel like that is what I would have to do to get these articles finished. Not that it matters now because I am way past deadline.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, which is probably everyone or no one since no one actually reads this, today is the start of National Novel Writing Month. It's a challenge to writer's around the world to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. I have decided to participate even though it means putting my current novel aside and starting a new one. Today I started and I did the math. I would have to do over 1600 words a day, everyday. Today I pushed myself to do at least that and I ended up doing 1867 words! I have a profile and progress report at .

Monday, October 31, 2005

Excuse for laziness:Halloween

I spent today trying to get my articles for the Lookout done. I probably didn't spend as much time as I should have because I was too busy enjoying Halloween! Also I still haven't heard from my interviewees, so really nothing got done.

I'm a little tired tonight, but I'll spend some time attempting to finish the first installment of what will hopefully be an ongoing series of my new superhero story. I am sore from all the crazy Halloween preparations, so I'll probably go to my comfy chair and do some old school hand writing.

Then I'll probably read because it's important for writers to read. I'll start with the latest rejection letter I got today and finish with a few chapters from a novel.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I feel good!

I've been writing like crazy lately and it's making me feel good! I've continued writing about other events in life on my live journal.

Today I continued on my awesome story idea. I'm really excited about it. It's a realistic hero story. While the hero is not super with powers, he's super with heart. The back story to him is really what makes it great.
I have been working on the novel. I'm a little conflicted because November is International Novel writing month. You're supposed to try to write a novel in 30 days. While I think this is a cool challenge that I would love to participate in, I don't want to start a new novel while I have one already going. I can't use the novel I already started because that would be cheating. Not that anyone's keeping track. Hmm....

I can't sleep!

I started my day off by checking my e-mail since I have yet to hear from my interviewee for one of my stories. No call, no e-mail. This stinks because my editor wanted that story by today. I told my editor it would have to be Monday but that means I have to track down the media co-ordinator of the college, get my interview and write it on Monday. I doubt he'll get back to me over the weekend. To top that off, I have another story not due until Tuesday but it's for the cheerleading club that had practice on Thursday. Since I had to work I asked another writer to cover the meeting and they could write the article or not whatever they chose. The writer agreed to it, then called me at work today to say they didn't get to the meeting which was from 5 to 7 last night because they got stuck in traffic. Not only was it a kind of lame excuse but you could have called right away. Now I have to track down the advisor and hopefully a couple of members on Monday and Tuesday. I could have started that before work today had I known.

After getting home from work, I went to see the movie Zorro. It was great to watch the original masked vigilante back in action. It also inspired me for an awesome story, I hope. So the minute I got home I went to jot down some notes and instead ended up hand-writing almost the whole story in prose form. I really thought it would be better as a comic book, especially because I would love for it to be ongoing and that is my true writing passion. But since I had so much trouble finding my first artist, I might just submit it as a short story for now. It also works well because I was a little stressed about writing both articles and having a story outline that is required for class next week. I have been working a lot and have plans for every night this week. So if I don't get a chance to think of an outline for another story, I'll just outline this one.

After staying up too late writing my story, I tried to go to sleep. But then I started watching the A+E Biography of Stephen King, which encouraged me. It was nice to hear about the many rejections he got and how his persistence got him where he is. It makes you feel better when you look at the huge file folder marked rejections and the papers are already starting to bulge out. Don't worry I don't disillusion myself in believing that I would ever be even remotely close to being as successful, but it's nice to know even the best-sellers have struggled.

After that I was going to go to sleep but I usually sleep with the T.V. or radio on. Which is what started my next thought. The Pussycat Dolls annoy me. Their first single is Don't Cha, the second is Stick Wittu. Pardon me if I spelled that wrong. I was going to check the dictionary but I have a feeling some of those words might not be in there. My complaint is if you are going to use mushy words that might be considered proper slang terms or something, at least be consistent. It's got me confused should I replace you with cha or ttu? As a writer I think I should know which is correct for future reference.

Once this thought drifted out of my head I was set on going to sleep. I know this may sound crazy but I usually drift to sleep when I focus on a story I've written, am writing , or might write. I like to play the scenario's out in my head. Sometimes it's crap and sometimes it's the best thing ever and you jump out of bed to write it down before you forget it. Guess what tonight was?

It's 4 in the morning I have to be to work at 9:30ish. And I still can't sleep. So I'll keep writing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have two articles for the Lookout I am trying to work out. It's hard to go to club meetings when you have to work. That's why you tell your editor these things but they don't listen.

The novel is going well I have been working on it every day. Yeah I know! I definitely think the rough draft will be done before December.

The comic is still kind of idling. I wish I had more to say about it but I don't . Although I do plan to send my new idea out to a few smaller companies and see what I can come up with. I would also like to get the new writers market guide for 2006 and send out some more submissions. I'm going to do some more rewrites to the stories I haven't managed to get published and send out a few new ones.

Class is still going well and since my teacher has been sick we are way behind schedule, which isn't bad because it will cut time out of poetry.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Still going

The novel is still going strong, I have only missed one day since I started. I think it could actually be finished ahead of schedule.
I didn't write for the paper last week, and I stopped my reviews. So now I feel like I'm not doing anything.

Class is still going well but I still question the content sometimes. I turned in a story and the main character got picked on at school for wetting their pants. My teacher actually wrote that she didn't feel it was solid motivation for middle school bullies. What school did she go to? I'm still struggling with the poetry but fortunately the due date got postponed a week.

The comic book seems to be idling right now. I'm still just waiting for things that are out of my hands. That is the toughest part.

I have come up with a new comic idea. I'm going to write up a proposal and send it out to a few small companies. So hopefully that has a somewhat good outcome.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

My Novel Idea

I just want to say that I have started my novel. Yes folks it's true, last Saturday I typed the first words. Now I'm not gonna give anything away yet but I have been working diligently. I set a schedule for myself and have stuck to it. In fact, I really like my schedule and I think I'll make them for other stories in the future.

Don't be disappointed in me, because I feel I have good reason, but I have officially decided my comic reviews are done. As I wrote last week I was unsure but something happened last week that made up my mind. I had been annoyed that some of my reviews were not published but last week someone changed the grade I gave to a book. It's find to edit things but don't ask for someone's opinion then change it.

I'm not slacking off though. I'm still writing for the paper, and school's going super well with poetry and all.

Friday, September 30, 2005

A novel, nonsense and shattered dreams!

Okay here's what's been up in the world of me. First, I actually got an interesting assignment for the Lookout this week. So hopefully that article rocks because I really want it to.

I think now that I'm writing for the paper, I might not write the reviews anymore. I have enjoyed it but the site has been sometimes only publishing one review I send each week, instead of two, which I'm not sure if it's because of space. It could be because they don't like my writing, choice of small independent books or my pointing out how the women look trashy for no reason. No hard feelings though, it wasn't really my thing. I don't think many people read it anyway and I don't want to stress my self out by doing all this stuff like reviews and the paper, because they're not the kind of work I love to do. Besides the paper is a better publishing credit and I get experience working with an editor. Not to mention that I feel like I say the same thing every week. For now though, I am still doing them but I'll probably stop soon.

So I finally finished the second installment of Double Take the story I wrote that got published in Pandora's Gate. I think I'll send it to them and then wait to see if anyone else picks up the first part before I send out the second part to other places.

In my creative writing class we're working on poetry which isn't my favorite form of writing. It's been interesting learning that you can pretty much do whatever you want and people are like 'that's deep'. It doesn't have to rhyme, or tell a story. It doesn't have to make any sense and someone will still make sense of it. Fabulous!

I think tomorrow being the first of the month, I am going to start a novel. What? I know but I have a really good idea for one and I think it's important to explore all my options. I don't just want to say things that can fit into a comic book or short story. So I'm going to give it a whirl. And all the books I've read say I need to have a schedule and if I follow it I can be done in three months. Don't worry, I'll be writing other things while I work on it too.

And finally on a lighter note (not that any of this was that serious), two of my dreams were shattered this week when Wizard the comic magazine came out. First of all I will not be the first woman listed on the Wizard's top 10 current hottest writer's list, but Yippee! for Gail Simmone who did get that. (And actually there might have been someone before her but none that I'm aware.) Secondly, I was not named Comic's hottest fan girl ever, which went to some model who's dad writes comics. Oh what will I work for now?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

It's not my thing

Something occurred to me early yesterday morning, as I sat at the college's financial budget planning seminar. Journalism is really not my thing. I love to write, don't get me wrong, but I don't really care for doing interviews or getting up early on my day off to cover meetings about understanding the model of a community college's budget or their return on investment. Sure I don't like doing comic book reviews either, critiquing isn't really my thing. At least then I'm writing about something I'm interested in.

Of course I'll keeping writing for the paper because it's about the only thing I can get published in. Also be cause it's editing and writing experience. So yeah! It doesn't mean I have to enjoy it though. So now I'll just complain about it.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Exhausted and loving it!

I have to say that I was more than a little stressed this week and I was actually excited about it. This week has had a lot to do with my writing. So let me tell you all the things that have caused me to be exhausted but pleased with myself.

First I'll mention that since the Lookout was published on Monday, a new article must be written this week. So I had to meet with my editor, figure out what I could cover, get all the details, reserve a seat for the seminar and buy a tape recorder.

Then my next problem was my creative writing class. Our first big paper was due today and I basically started it last night and finished a half an hour before class. The reason I waited so long was because I seriously had talked myself out of going to the class. I don't want to follow the rules of fiction and I don't want to read aloud to my peers, which is what today consisted of. Why did I go? Because I can't break a commitment, especially one to myself. I'm glad I went though, we were in small groups and only had to read our first paragraph out loud. Besides that my peers didn't really evaluate me on how I followed the rules but on the creative aspects of the story. The best part was they liked it and my professor even sat in and made a few comments about what she liked. So it was pretty cool.

I got another rejection letter and took forever opening it. I was happy that they said it was just a bit too long for their publication, not "it sucked, don't submit another story ever!"

I got my reviews done too and I didn't think I'd get a chance to. I even fit in a few submissions. I also got up the nerve to give my comic script to someone for some input.

It was a crazy week but I loved it.

Monday, September 12, 2005

My first article(s)!

Well, I was going to show you my first bit of publicity, but I can't get the image to down load so you're just out of luck. (If someone actually wants to see it leave a comment and I'll send it in an e-mail) Sorry! My first article for the Lansing Community College paper, The Lookout, was also published in the same issue as the article about me.

Aside from that, I have been working on a short story for my creative writing class. That's due Thursday and I've got one out of at least eight pages done.

I also started a sequel to my previously published story "Double Take", since it was about two college freshmen super heroes, now they are sophomores. I will probably send it to Pandora's Gate, which published the first. We'll see when it's finished.

Now I'm having some readers take a look at my comic script so I can edit it. I also start my next article for the paper this week and will keep writing reviews, which have fortunately gotten somewhat easier. Of course, I will keep sending out my minimum of five submissions a day.

I am still waiting to hear back on my movie script and my sci-fi/western. That's not unusual though. It's artists trying to make a living have to put the paying job first.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Keep your thoughts in the box!

I hate to seem like I'm ranting or complaining but I am becoming a little frustrated with one of my classes. We haven't been graded on anything yet so don't think I'm making excuses because I'm not doing well. My problem is with my creative writing class, which you think would be my favorite since that's what I love. I just find that the class isn't what I expected. I thought I would get some input on my writing, what interests other's, what's boring, stuff like that. Instead the class is like this big lecture about rules of writing. You can't have a story that tells and reveals, it's one or the other. You cannot switch points of view, ever. No second person, ever. You must have a round character and a flat character. The story should be told by the round character. You must have a plot that sets up a problem, then fixes it. WHAT THE HELL?

I understand these are basic guidelines and generally good to follow, but this is creative writing. CREATIVE! Why can't I do what I want to do? Why can't I be creative? So what if it's not what everybody else has done before? No one wants to keep reading the same old crap. I'd bet money, if I had any, that most if not all renowned writers did not sit down with a check list to make sure they followed every rule. So why should I not get a good grade if I decide be creative in creative writing?

Maybe I'm not giving my professor enough credit. I guess we'll wait and see.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

'Lookout' for the next issue!

Last Thursday, I had an interview with a fellow Lookout reporter about my interest in writing comics. Today, I also had my photo taken to accompany that article in the next issue. The same issue that should feature my first article that I wrote for the Lookout. So needless to say I'm a little excited and as always a little worried about how things will turn out for me.

Now I'm just spending a lot of time editing and sending out submissions trying to figure out what my next project should be. I definitely think I want to write something in the comic book genres. I'm just not sure what. Do I start another comic or write some super-hero, sci-fi stories? I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

One down

Okay, let me tell you that I successfully completed my first article and the editor did not find everything wrong with it. I got my reviews done and my homework, all just barely in time and well that's really all I've done since the last time I pushed the keys to get words to appear on my blog. Sorry if I sound crazy, but this week's been crazy and I think it might have been contagious.

So what's next you ask? More of the same old, boring stuff. Sorry nothing too on the edge-of-your seat. I will tell you, because I love you, that I have started a live journal that is full of some more fun stuff. Here I try only to talk about my work, I know it can get boring when I don't make much progress or I'm on the same task for so long. Never worry this is always priority, the lj is just a chance to write more. It will mostly be about what I read and watch, so don't get too excited. Stop by if you want. www.livejournal/users/ashlucsha/.

By the way, does anyone else think it's funny that blogspot's spell check thinks that blog is a misspelled word?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Here's A Story of a Struggling Writer

While I have spent my time dealing with interviewees that have closed e-mail accounts and don't return phone calls for my first assignment on the LCC paper, I have also been working on coming up with "gems"(ideas that might make good stories) for my creative writing class homework assignment. Meanwhile, still self-editing my comic story, typing up some reviews of my weekly comics, and doing all the crappy work involved in sending out submissions. All the work made me want to take a break and write something fun. The result is the following. Here's a little story I thought of. It's not for publication just for fun and I thought I would post it here for my true fans! HAHA! Anyway, it's just a silly little tale. It's funny to me but probably not to anyone else(maybe fellow writers?). At the least anyone reading it might figure out where I got the idea and maybe it will give some insight as to one of the many reasons why I feel frustrated about writing so often. Hope you enjoy my first piece of original work published here on my little blog.

Born to write. Her creative thoughts were overwhelming. The beautiful structure of each tale so well done that never was there a reader not completely awed by her work. It was clear that she would be the next great creator of world renowned literature, her stories studied and praised for centuries. Such promise was seen in the young girl.
She did not hesitate, once out in the real world she swore to do anything possible to get her work noticed. So she wrote her first story she intended for the world to read. Then she found every guideline for every magazine and anthology that would possibly publish this story and she began to read through each set of rules. Tears began to stream down her face with frustration, she wanted every chance possible for her story, so she would abide by each publisher's request word for word.
She had a job to pay her bills but now she needed a second job just to pay for the postage, envelopes, paper, ink and the most costly of all, the sample copies. Everyone wanted you to read their publication first to make sure your story fit their style. They can never be progressive and step away from their standard style. The publications needed to be sure you send them the same thing they printed last month.
So between working all the time, reading sample copies and printing and re-printing each submission to every individual company's standards, there was no time to write anything else. And the one story that she did write to brighten the world with her gift, would never be seen.
After finally reading every publication and stuffing every envelope with the story formatted to perfection, she was going to head to the post office.
The apartment she lived in had become cluttered, much like an old lady's home who hasn't thrown away a newspaper or calendar in her life because she might need it one day. She wasn't an old lady though, her apartment was cluttered with a copy of every publication ever made. Stacked almost to the ceiling, lining the walls of her tiny studio. There were so many that they had begun to spill onto the small space she had left to walk in.
Her arms filled beyond capacity with submissions, she could hardly see over them. She slipped on the fallen magazines and bumped one of the large stacks as she fell. Her head smashed into the floor, leaving her unconscious. The stack of anthologies and literary publications tumbled onto her head and buried her alive. It wasn't until the neighbors complained about the smell that they found her. Her submissions and sample copies shredded by the mice that had taken up residency. The police would find her body buried under the huge stacks of paper. The landlord would take no care for her stuff as he tossed it out into the dumpster. No one will ever be moved by her emotional revelations, or her compelling plots. She didn't make it as a writer, but she died trying.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Heard, NOT Seen!

Hello everyone! While I was hard at work doing the most grueling part of the struggling writer's job, submissions, I decided to take a break and tell you about my week of progression in the world of writing. Now don't get too excited, they're just small steps.
As you know from my last entry, school started this week and I am taking a creative writing course, which was the first class I had. Of course I forgot that professor's are cruel and like to make you read your work out loud. And it's usually work that you have to write on the spot. Now for those of you who don't know the reason I prefer writing to all other things it is because I can tell my tale without having to speak. Public speaking makes me want to pass out. Secondly, I like that in writing I get to plan things out and edit. Pretty much, I like to think before speaking and I don't feel I get to do that when I have to write on the spot and then read it out loud in front of the class. I don't mind you reading my work, I just don't want to read it to you. Oh well, I need the teaching and the criticism the class provides. Besides, maybe I'll learn how to breathe and read my work out loud at the same time.
Just when you thought this entry couldn't get anymore exciting, I am here to tell you that I am now an official staff writer for the news department of the LCC bi-weekly newspaper, The Lookout. I got the job yesterday and get my first story assignment on Monday. YEAH ME!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Blog Slacker

I know I'm slacking off when it comes to writing in this blog. Never fear though I have been writing other things. I promise I'll start doing more exciting work, so I'll have some more exciting stuff to write. Until then I don't wanna fill my blog with boring blabbering.
I just finished writing a short screenplay. It's a comedy. Now all I have to do is find somebody to help me make the movie. Don't worry I think I might have a potential partner. I'll keep you posted.
As for my comic I've been editing it, I think I'm going to get some outside opinions. It is so hard to edit your own stuff.
Other than that not much to talk about. I have decided to edit a few of my old stories and send them out as submissions. I don't really know if they'll work out but it can't hurt to try. Oh, I also applied for the LCC newspaper but haven't heard back. Not to mention classes start next week, I'll be taking two writing classes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The first of many

Well the first rejection notice for my short fiction story made it to me today. It arrived fast because it was an e-mail. The rejection letters that cost me $.74 (I just realized there is no cent sign on the keyboard) will take much longer I'm sure. So I tacked my rejection notice up with the others to remind me I tried and stink at writing.
I did start editing on my comic this week now that I'm no longer tired of having read it fifty times in one day. It's amazing how many things seemed so cool when writing it.
Recently I started another small project, it's on the comedy side. Other than that I've worked on reviews.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sending Submissions

I just accidentally deleted everything I just wrote, so here we go again.

Since the comic is now finished, I have been looking through it. Summer classes are now over and after all my worrying I still managed to pass. I'd tell you my grade but I don't want to brag.

I was also inspired by events last week and wrote a short fiction story. Rather than sitting on it, like I do with most of my work, I sent out a stack of simultaneous submissions. So keep your fingers crossed and I'll let you know when the rejection notices start flowing in.

While we're on the subject of submissions, may I just mention what a pain it is to send out submissions. Every editor wants the work sent in a different format. So you can't just copy a story and send it in. Each publisher's guidelines also include the note that if you don't do it exactly as they tell you, they'll toss it in the trash without a glance, which makes me wonder, if they have a standard system for writing (like MLA, APA, and Chicago), why can't they do the same for writer's submissions. It would give writers more time to do what they are really good at. Drinking!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just a thought I had to say

I'm kind of tired from staying up late last night to put the finishing touches on my final paper for class. However, I just got done writing my reviews for this week and I just felt like writing about women comic creators.

One of the books I reviewed was written and drawn by women. Not only was this book filled with almost-naked women with huge bust, but the stories were horrible. How are women supposed to get respect as creators when they write stories about heroines rescuing dolls from the sewer?And maybe they have to do art that way to get recognized but this art had panels of just body parts and the parts were way over drawn. If it had something to do with the story that would be fine, but it didn't. And I'm not saying that women in comic books should all be flat-chested and wearing sweat suits. But couldn't we try to change the images of creators and characters little by little, not make them worse?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The awesome ashcan

Well things are getting exciting for me this week. Tomorrow is my last full day of summer classes, then I'll stress about my final paper for a day and then it will be out of my hands.
But the best part of my week has been the comic show I went to yesterday and thanks to the awesome artist Wayne, I now have an ashcan of my first comic. It was AWESOME! And aside from that I have finally finished the rough draft for issue 4.

Now I'll wait a few days and try to forget everything and then go back and make sure it all makes sense and that I tied up all the ends. So that's my exciting news, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Torture

It's been a while since I have written so it must imply that I have been busy at work. This implication would be false. While I have been working on my final paper for my summer course and keeping up on the reviews, I haven't made much progress in anything else. I know, that's not a good reason, especially since I am suppose to have my comic finished by the end of the month. Never fear it will be done.

I know there is never a good excuse to not work as hard as I possibly can but I must admit I took a break to read the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (And may I just say in my defense that if you ask most writers, they say if you want to write you need to read a lot.) Anyway, I know I should be working on my grand master piece instead of reading someone else's and I intend to. The problem with these books and many other great and renowned stories is that they give me depression. And no, I do not have post Potter depression because I read my books so fast I'll now have to wait another two years, at least, for the next one. I become depressed because I think that no one is ever going to care about my work and that's if they ever read it. I'm not expecting to have millions of people going mad waiting for my next installment, but sometimes I feel like there will never be one person that will actually be moved by what I write, probably because I'm no good at it. So for those of you who do actually read what I have written, sorry for the torture.

Monday, July 04, 2005

On a Role

I know, I know. I probably write in this journal way more than anybody wants to read (that is if anybody reads it at all). But sometimes I just get so happy or overwhelmed or both, about what's going on with my writing, that I just have to talk about it. Unfortunately, nobody really seems to care to listen (another reason to believe nobody reads this).
So what I wanted to tell the world is that I have been kicking out the words in full force this week. I set a deadline for myself Thursday night to have issue three done by Wednesday. I got it done Friday afternoon. Then today I wrote my paper for class, which I usually save until the last minute. I also wrote one of my comic reviews for this week, which needs to be done as soon as comics come out on Wednesday. (It's a great thing to be fortunate enough to read the store's staff preview comics that arrive a week early.)
Now back to my comic, I have started the fourth issue. It has been set out beat by beat and now all I have to do is fill in the blanks. I also did a few updates of the earlier issues and put some notes on where to throw in some more action (which will make them longer), and it will be filled in by the artist at a later time.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Meaning

Another week of writing reviews and class papers went by and I made it through. The reviews were actually easy. The paper for class was tough. I did well at the beginning of class but I seem to be doing worse and worse. Maybe analyzing other's work isn't my thing. I think it's really hard when you have to give the interpretation of a story but it has to be the one your teacher thinks is right. Different stories have different meanings to everyone. And the teacher tells us to think freely but it seems hard to believe that you could be unbiased when your the authority on the subject and the little people disagree with you. So I have a hard time writing the essays and mostly because I stress over finding the meaning of the story for my teacher rather than what it means to me.
The reviews however seem to come easier every week. Whether people like them who knows. Comics are more my thing anyway.
My inquiry into the superhuman story was not a reject, I did get guidelines for a submission. It's for an on going series and you don't need experience. Fortunately they check submissions every 2 to 4 weeks, so if I don't get something done right away, all hope is not lost.
In the good news section, I would like to say that my 3rd issue is almost done and I will have help publishing it which will give me plenty of time to do more fun stuff like write.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The best part of writing

The heat is back and to be honest the last thing I want to do is write. I love the thought process of writing, it lets me get away from my stressful and boring reality. Dreaming about the lives of others, that are far more interesting than my own, that is something I can never shut off. However, the physical act of fingers to keys or pencil to paper seems dreadful to me in the heat. Doing anything other than laying perfectly still in front of a fan makes me miserable. But you'll be happy to know that during this current heat wave I have trudged on. Because I love dreaming, which is the best part of writing. And unfortunately, without the physical act of putting my words on paper my dreams would be lost. If not lost then merely kept to myself. Not out for the world to see and share in the dreaming that makes me happy.

As for this blog, it has occurred to me that it may not be the most entertaining thing to read, but I can't please everyone. I write this journal mostly for myself, so I can one day look back and see how much I tried or didn't try to accomplish my dream. If someone wants to read about my adventure, please do. If it entertains you or bores you, the point is you read it. And whether you continue to read it or never look at it again doesn't bother me. I know no matter what I write, I will never please everyone and I'm going to have to learn to be okay with that. So if nobody ever comments on my blog or even reads it. Oh well, at least my story didn't go untold like those who say 'I could do better' and don't even try.

Just an update on the progress of my ventures. I have applied for a job writing a continuing prose saga featuring a superhuman. I'll let you know how that goes. Also the third issue is coming along real well. Hopefully, it will be finished by the end of the week.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hang on Snoopy!

I know it's been a while but I haven't really had much to tell anyone about. The self-publishing comic is still going on. I try to write a page of script a day but I'll admit I've been very bad about that. Sorry!
I must say that I have been doing a lot of writing for school and my reviews, so my writing time is now being dispersed for deadlines. And in case anyone is wondering, the reviews came a little easier this week, but still a challenge. I also felt more confident in my opinions, so I feel it's progress.
I am also sorry to say that I received an e-mail saying I did not get the jungle-girl gig. Apparently, it was very coveted because it was a mass reject mail with over sixty names. No kidding. So I think that the vampire horror/adventure I applied for, which ad I found on the same site, probably got similar response numbers. That's why I didn't get it, because there were way better applicants. But the jungle-girl publisher was very kind in sending a thanks, but no thanks letter. Another to add to the stack.
Some days I feel like Snoopy. And if you don't get what I mean by that you need to read all the old Peanuts Gang strips, especially those with Snoopy on top of his dog house with a typewriter before him or if he's checking the mail. Then you'll understand.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Up to the challenge

Well yesterday I was given the challenge of writing my second set of reviews for Comic Avalanche. It was tough because there wasn't anything I particularly wanted to read. However, after forcing myself to read stuff just for the reviewing I actually enjoyed it. This project however, wasn't that easy. I don't think I'm a good critic, but you learn from a challenge. So I will continue on and hope to do well.
As for other projects, my self-publishing project seems to be coming along well. But nothing interesting to report, yet.
I think that the horror-action/ vampire job is not going to be mine but that's okay because if I can't sell it anywhere else it's going right here. Of course, I have to finish it first but it kind of has a back burner since it's not in high demand.
I applied for a job writing a jungle girl story, so that could be interesting. And I am still working on the second sci-fi/western. Other than that things are pretty mellow.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Jumping In

I try to get every job I possibly can as a writer. I will work for free, that's fine. But if you want to get noticed you have to get yourself out there. So the other day I saw an ad for a writer of a sci-fi/western story. And I had already started on a new idea for that genre, because as I mentioned before, I was invited to write another story for the first sci-fi/western anthology I had written for. So I thought that I would send that idea to this different ad because it would mean exposure in two completely different books instead of just one. Therefore more people would see my work.
Now normally when I see an ad I think about responding for a while, because I am scared. But lately I dislike most things about my life except writing. I realize that if you're going to do something you have to just jump right in, no hesitation. And so I convinced myself to respond without even looking twice (instead of the four or five times I normally do, making sure I meet every qualification).
Guess what?
It was an ad for the same anthology I'm already working on. I felt like a moron. If I had taken the time to reread it like I had before, I would've realized that it had the exact same guidelines. But the response from the publisher was nice. He has a possible penciler and inker for the story and he said I could still write another story. And I apologized for being such a buffoon, and mentioned that if I ever get time to work on it another story might be coming his way.

Anyway, to what I've been working on lately, I had some difficulty retrieving my comic script to send to my artist. But have been working on the next issue as well. I have got my comics for this week and am preparing to write my review(s) for Comic Avalanche. But mostly I spent my time writing for my critiquing literature class.
This week we had to write an essay about a story where the character finds out some life shattering news at the end of the story. And we had to prove whether or not they knew the information all along. The paper it self took ten minutes to write but the deliberation of which side to take took me at least an hour.
I love and hate stories like that. I hate the uncertainty. However, I love not only that the writer entrust you to make up your own mind about the story based on the little part of it you have read, but also how it really means something different to everyone who reads it.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

What A DAY!

Okay I know it is very exciting, two posts from me in less than 24 hours. So I am sure you are dying to know what would cause such an unusual occasion, and I am going to tell you.
In my last entry I mentioned the comic review I applied for. Well I sent my review and in about ten minutes I got an e-mail saying it was okay and he was going to post it on the site. I am also welcome to do at least one review a week. How great huh?! The website is and you want to go to reviews. And there you will find me. The guy who runs the site is just an avid collector who started the sight for entertainment only so it's way cool, check it out.
I know it's not creative writing but it is publishing experience. And I might be able to deal with critics better if I have been one, right?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Filled with anticipation!

Just to let everyone know it is still very warm here in Lansing. But the writing continues.
I have actually started the third issue of my series which might be a graphic novel, we shall see.
I am really excited about this one because it is going to take a real stab at the stereotypical way women are portrayed in comics and it's gonna be hilarious. I know I'm killing you by filling you with anticipation. Yeah right!
In other news I have applied for a job writing comic reviews on a website. It's not exactly my strong suit but I can make it work. So hopefully that works out, keep the fingers crossed.
Now for an update I have not heard back about the horror/adventure vampire story but the deadline isn't until Sunday, so they could be waiting for all submissions. But since I'm uncertain, I have kind of put it aside so I can work on my series.
Also I sent in my bio and pic for the sci-fi/ western and shortly after I was invited to write another story if I am so inclined. Maybe I will, but I'll need an idea first.
By the way I'm sorry that I am still having trouble figuring out how to post individual paragraphs instead of just one. Oops!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Too hot to function!

First let me say that it is HOT! I know it's Michigan but it has been near ninety everyday this week and it's not changing for a while. But don't worry my creative juices are still flowing and have not been run dry by this sweltering heat. However, I have no air conditioning in my office(home) so I have no desire to do anything but lay in front of the fan. I have a way to fix this problem though.

It is time for me to become one of the stereo-typical writers who sits in a coffee shop. Actually, it will probably be a restaurant, I hate coffee but love food. I know since I have no functioning laptop that I will have to go old school and break out the pen and paper. This will also create more work for me later when I have to type it in. Although, it's better than sitting around doing nothing but watching my thoughts to write about flow out of my head like the breeze from my fan out of my window.

Since I clearly haven't been writing too much, there really isn't much to say. I did start summer classes this week. I'm taking a course where we critique literature. It's a lot of essay writing about interpreting what other writers are trying to say. I don't know how well I'll do because half the time I don't even know what we're talking about.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Picture Imperfect

Okay so here is the latest update. I have finished issue two and it is shorter than the first so clearly I am still battling with my unboring filler material problem. I just know that the third and fourth issue are going to be ten times as long as the first two and then I'll have to figure that out. The education continues.

So I just turned in a synopsis for the horror/adventure story that is supposed to be something in the werewolf and vampire hunter style. Mine is kind of like that. If it gets rejected by the publisher I'll finish the story and print it right here. An exclusive original story for my fans. Try to contain yourselves. And don't jinx me just cuz you wanna see it here first. HAHAHA!
Now seriously, I finally lost patience and mailed a note to the publisher to the sci/fi western story. I had been frustrated thinking he might have stolen my story and then it hit me that you'd have to be pretty bad at writing to claim my stuff as your own and that is when I figured that he must have absolutely hated it. But it turns out that he liked it, he's just been busy. Which I can very well understand. But the crazy thing is that he wants a bio and a picture of the anthology. I have never taken a good picture. So I thought a crazy picture of me would be a good idea, then I would have a reason to look stupid and it would be funny. But would it really be funny? I have a horrible sense of humor that no one else seems to get, so would they just think I'm a lunatic? They probably would, especially after reading my work. Anyway, I'm sure it will all work out.
By the way I am sorry for entries that are one long paragraph, I am an idiot when it comes to using this blog.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Back to work

Okay I am a moron because I just wrote everything I am about to write and then closed the screen sending it in to internet oblivion never to be found again.

So here's what's going on after the excitment of being published. I am back to the hard work.

Currently I am finsihing up the second issue of my comic and hopefully starting an artist on the first.
My problem with finishing the issue has been filling the pages but not boring the reader. I have no idea how this is done and hope that it's something I'll eventually learn. Let me just say now that anyone who will eventually read the comic should know that I am giving this project 200% but it is not going to be the most phenominal thing you will ever read in your life. In fact it will probably stink compared to most things but it's a learning experience for me that will hopefully build up to somehting I will write that might be half way decent. However, that does not mean it has to be the most boring thing you've ever read. So every minute I struggle with finidng a way to fill the pages with relevant material that is not going to put the reader to sleep as this jouranl entry probably is.

After finishing the second issue I might take a small break to write a horror /adventure story for an add I found. I also might write a sequel for Double Take. I did have some ideas for their future college years so maybe I'll do that.

Other than all the babble above I really don't have any exciting news to report except for the arrival of my new business cards that promote this blog and my writing of course. Now I just have to stop feeling like a fool about wanting to be a writer and start handing them out. Cuz that's the only way they're gonna work.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Exciting News

Okay let me first start by apologizing. I am very new to blogs and I think I messed mine up already. My first original post keeps appearing and you have to go to archives to find my latest post. I don't know how I did that, but hopefully this one works better.

So now for the exciting news. About a year ago I submitted Double Take, a short story to a new web zine called Paper Dragon Ink. The editor said he liked it and sent some changes, I made them and returned them. And didn't hear back. However, I still get issues sent to me and checked them out to support others for a while. But I hadn't been doing so lately. Well yesterday while trying to figure out how I messed up my journal here the new issue arrived in my mail box.
And my name is in the contents. YES! You heard me right. I have gotten my first published works. I encourage everyone to go to and check it out. Go to introduction, then back issues, May 16th. And check out their website it really is cool for writers and artist trying to get some publishing experience.
Well that's my exciting news. They must have ran out of better stuff to publish. But I'm thrilled no matter what.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The hard part is waiting

Well since my last and first entry not much has changed. And that is depressing. I sent in my completed science fiction and western story last week to the publisher and haven't heard anything back and I'm hoping that it's not because he hated it.
Also I have had a huge struggle trying to find an artist to work with since my decision to self-publish. I have responded to ads for artist who need work and put out an ad for an artist that wants work. Of course, I have also tried good old- fashioned networking. However, every time I get excited about an artist working out, something goes wrong.
My first prospective artist was very insistent that we could only meet at his house because he needed his supplies. I insisted on meeting at a public place and when I got there he tried to get me to walk with him over a mile to his house. Fearing that I was not being reasonable, I finally went to the house accompanied by a friend. It turned out his supplies were three small sketches that he could not carry with him. However, it was nice to visit his mother's basement and sit on old, stained furniture. I'm not joking!
The next artist I found had wonderful art but he was from the Philippines and spoke very little English. He had no idea what I wanted him to draw and I had no idea how to explain it.
I also found an artist who did great characters and but couldn't draw back grounds.
I gave another artist a very detailed scene description and a week to do it. It took three weeks and there was no background and only one of the two characters. And to top it off, the character he did draw was supposed to be a woman who's a mechanic that dresses in a masculine way, covered in dirt and messy hair. The sketch he gave was a very clean, neat girl wearing a midriff tank top and low slung pants. But she was holding a wrench.
Currently, I am waiting to hear back from two artist. One has a great attitude and great art but it wasn't quite the style I was looking for and the other I am still waiting to see the work.
So for now I continue to check my e-mail all to often and hope for some good news.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My journey begins

Hello Everyone! As I start my attempt at becoming a comic book writer I have decided to log my experiences for everyone to read. Now you're welcome to sit back and laugh at me and the stupid things I am bound to do. I'll start today by mentioning what I am currently doing.

I just recently finished an 8 page sci-fi/western story that is suppose to go in a collection of stories with the same genre. If all goes well this will be my first paying comic book job.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember and nothing I ever felt was worth sharing until about two and a half years ago. After a lot of work, self-doubt and editing a year ago I finished a script for a comic book idea I had that really inspired me and made me think writing comics might be something I could do. After several company rejections and trying to find an artist to work with I decided to self-publish. Recently, I have finished a rewrite of the first issue and it's now in the process of being edited. I am also trying to rewrite the next three issues. Meanwhile, I am trying to decide graphic novel or separate issues. That's where I stand right now. I hope to add more on frequently and let everyone know how the situation's evolving.