Thursday, October 16, 2008

It seems like nothing but updates

Sorry it's been so long. I didn't mean to neglect my blog. I miss it dearly and really wish I had the chance to write and read blogs more often. I know it seems like all I do lately is give updates. That's mostly because by the time I get back around to writing it's time for another update. So here's the news.

First off, my roommate is lending me a computer that she was going to recycle after getting a new Mac. So providing that it's willing and able, I might have regular Internet access by next paycheck. *fingers crossed*

Second, writing group met again and I got a chance to give them the last half of Christmas Bells. I'm pretty sure that if I do anything with that story, I'm going to need to lengthen it. It goes too fast and really has a lot of room for more.
Anyway, now I'm left wondering what story I should take when we meet next month. My writing group thinks I'm notorious for unhappy endings and they're right. I haven't shared one story with a happy ending. I think someone dies in almost every story I've given them. So I promised a happy story this time.
I have a few old short stories written, but they're nothing I really wanted to fuss with. I'm almost finished with my short story about the money and whether stealing is wrong if money has no value, which I've tentatively titled Worth Something. No one dies but it is a bit pessimistic. I could always write something new but I think I might attempt to turn a script into a prose. I have on in mind that's a fun parody of sorts. If not, I might take the first part of my super long short story/novella. Once again, it's a bit pessimistic but no one dies.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Behind the Naugahyde is back

MySite, is the website company that Jenni and I went through for Originally, they said "if you don't want pop-ups, you have to pay." Jenni paid, but over the last few years we hadn't been using the site much (I know, shame on us!) so we figured a few pop-ups were okay. Well, to be truthful we didn't even really think about it. That is until Jenni had a mysterious charge on her card. She fought with the MySite people and they said they'd reverse the charge... as well as shut our site down.
That's when the awesome Jenni, decided Blogspot is way more popular than MySite and it's FREE! So she started us a snazzy blog that you can see here It has all the old material, just formatted a little different. And hopefully, the new change will motivate Jenni and I to start working hard.