Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just a thought I had to say

I'm kind of tired from staying up late last night to put the finishing touches on my final paper for class. However, I just got done writing my reviews for this week and I just felt like writing about women comic creators.

One of the books I reviewed was written and drawn by women. Not only was this book filled with almost-naked women with huge bust, but the stories were horrible. How are women supposed to get respect as creators when they write stories about heroines rescuing dolls from the sewer?And maybe they have to do art that way to get recognized but this art had panels of just body parts and the parts were way over drawn. If it had something to do with the story that would be fine, but it didn't. And I'm not saying that women in comic books should all be flat-chested and wearing sweat suits. But couldn't we try to change the images of creators and characters little by little, not make them worse?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The awesome ashcan

Well things are getting exciting for me this week. Tomorrow is my last full day of summer classes, then I'll stress about my final paper for a day and then it will be out of my hands.
But the best part of my week has been the comic show I went to yesterday and thanks to the awesome artist Wayne, I now have an ashcan of my first comic. It was AWESOME! And aside from that I have finally finished the rough draft for issue 4.

Now I'll wait a few days and try to forget everything and then go back and make sure it all makes sense and that I tied up all the ends. So that's my exciting news, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Torture

It's been a while since I have written so it must imply that I have been busy at work. This implication would be false. While I have been working on my final paper for my summer course and keeping up on the reviews, I haven't made much progress in anything else. I know, that's not a good reason, especially since I am suppose to have my comic finished by the end of the month. Never fear it will be done.

I know there is never a good excuse to not work as hard as I possibly can but I must admit I took a break to read the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (And may I just say in my defense that if you ask most writers, they say if you want to write you need to read a lot.) Anyway, I know I should be working on my grand master piece instead of reading someone else's and I intend to. The problem with these books and many other great and renowned stories is that they give me depression. And no, I do not have post Potter depression because I read my books so fast I'll now have to wait another two years, at least, for the next one. I become depressed because I think that no one is ever going to care about my work and that's if they ever read it. I'm not expecting to have millions of people going mad waiting for my next installment, but sometimes I feel like there will never be one person that will actually be moved by what I write, probably because I'm no good at it. So for those of you who do actually read what I have written, sorry for the torture.

Monday, July 04, 2005

On a Role

I know, I know. I probably write in this journal way more than anybody wants to read (that is if anybody reads it at all). But sometimes I just get so happy or overwhelmed or both, about what's going on with my writing, that I just have to talk about it. Unfortunately, nobody really seems to care to listen (another reason to believe nobody reads this).
So what I wanted to tell the world is that I have been kicking out the words in full force this week. I set a deadline for myself Thursday night to have issue three done by Wednesday. I got it done Friday afternoon. Then today I wrote my paper for class, which I usually save until the last minute. I also wrote one of my comic reviews for this week, which needs to be done as soon as comics come out on Wednesday. (It's a great thing to be fortunate enough to read the store's staff preview comics that arrive a week early.)
Now back to my comic, I have started the fourth issue. It has been set out beat by beat and now all I have to do is fill in the blanks. I also did a few updates of the earlier issues and put some notes on where to throw in some more action (which will make them longer), and it will be filled in by the artist at a later time.