Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just a thought I had to say

I'm kind of tired from staying up late last night to put the finishing touches on my final paper for class. However, I just got done writing my reviews for this week and I just felt like writing about women comic creators.

One of the books I reviewed was written and drawn by women. Not only was this book filled with almost-naked women with huge bust, but the stories were horrible. How are women supposed to get respect as creators when they write stories about heroines rescuing dolls from the sewer?And maybe they have to do art that way to get recognized but this art had panels of just body parts and the parts were way over drawn. If it had something to do with the story that would be fine, but it didn't. And I'm not saying that women in comic books should all be flat-chested and wearing sweat suits. But couldn't we try to change the images of creators and characters little by little, not make them worse?

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