Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not much

My teleportation story has been edited and it is in the mail. There's no going back now.
Work has once again been slow this week. I wrote down some notes on new story ideas but mostly I tried to catch up on my comic book reading.
I must say that the writing tips of the day featured in my side bar, well, they're pretty lame. I'd take it out but I'm too lazy. Who knows maybe they'll get better. I do think it would be quite hard to come up with a new and unique writing tip everyday so I shouldn't complain too much.
Anyway, I thought I had more to fill up this post but I guess not.

Just watched: Dancing with the Stars
Just saw: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Finally read: Ultimate Spider-man #101-105 the clone saga

Friday, March 23, 2007

Editing and libraries.

Okay I edited my teleportation story. Hopefully it's sci-fi enough and well written. That would probably help. I'll reread it tomorrow to double check for typos after I haven't been staring at it for a few hours.

What's my next project? Well I still need to finish my part of Behind the Naugahyde chapters 10, 11, 12. I would like to finish it this weekend but no promises.

After that I'm going to start a fictional story that centers around HIV/AIDS infected characters. I already know a bit about this subject but there is always more to know. I've been working on really professional sounding interview questions because I have a few people I want to interview for research purposes. I also went to the library for some books.
Here's a little fact for you. I know I've written at some point that there are three branches of the Capital Area District Library that I frequent. The main branch downtown because it has the biggest selection, the south side which is a few blocks away from my house but it's in the poorer side of town and it's usually filled with unattended children, and there's the one near my work in the wealthy town which is usually very quiet but has snotty librarians.
Anyway, I went to the south side branch yesterday and it had 18 books on the topic of HIV/AIDS. Today I went to the wealthy town library, which is about the same size as the south side library, and they had 4 books on the subject of HIV/AIDS. And that's what they carry not what they have available.

On a completely different topic, all this search for non-fiction makes me long for card catalogs. The little drawers in the library filled with index cards that listed every book in the library alphabetically under title, author and subject. I loved flipping through those when I was younger. I felt like I was an investigator looking for that one book that held the answer. Now that it's on the computer I'm just typing. I do that all the time. I'm doing it right now. Big wow.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So little time

Okay, although I've kind of sorta started it, I'm not sure I can get my science fiction story finished and edited by the deadline. So I was thinking that I could switch my sci-fi/western comic into short story form but I'm not even sure I would get that done in time. My other option is sending in an already completed story and the only one I have that would qualify, I'm not sure actually qualifies. The whole story revolves around the idea of teleportation but it takes place in current time and has no other science fiction element. Is that enough sci-fi for an all science fiction contest? I'm not sure. I guess I could attempt to finish one of the other options and if it gets to close to crunch time I can try the teleporting story.
I feel like ever since I started my new job I've had so little time to write, which disappoints me. Whether I ever get paid for it or not, writing is something I think I'll do for the rest of my life. On the other hand, selling shoes for the rest of my life, I hope not.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Under $10

Well after a bunch of attempts I finally got my sitemeter working, my sidebar now includes a list of blogs and a writing tip of the day. Plus, as can be seen, I decided to change to the super cool red template since I never figured out why I had a green one. Not that I'm dissing green. I like green, but I love red.
Anyway, at work last week I mostly read since I have a book that needs to be taken back the library but I'm not finished. I did write a little bit of chapter 10 of Behind the Naugahyde. Of course since I have to write long hand at work, now I have to find time to type up what I've written.
My new job is really boring, I don't have any crazy stories that would make good book material because no one comes in.
I did go to the book store this weekend and I got a book, 'how to edit your novel', on clearance for $3. I wonder what the quality must be if it only cost $3 but I'm on a shopping kick where I don't buy anything over $10. I've been using this with books, clothes and movies and it's working out pretty well. What did I do with all that saved money? I bought a giant stack of comic books and it's a crazy loophole because they are very rarely over $10 a piece.
Speaking of comics, I did get to see 300 this weekend. I had never read the comic but I liked the movie. I didn't splurge for the IMAX though.
Hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick's day and didn't get too drunk off of cheap green wine that cost $2.50 a bottle but since it was green it was on sale for $2.00. Oh wait that was me and notice it's still under $10!

Been watching: The Winner, Dead Like Me
Just saw: Lemony Snicketts and a Series of Unfortunate Events

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I fixed it. I think.

Okay, I fixed it. Apparently my browser sucked. So now in order to post I had to get Firefox as recommended by the blogger support staff. It's a bit of a pain to have to log into it but at least I can sign into blogger without having to wait two hours or leave a comment. And I can now post something other than just a really long title. Now onto the excitement.

I would have fixed this stupid thing yesterday but I was too busy having a rockin' time. Jenni and I, along with the rest of my adoptive family, went to see RENT! The show kicked butt and the theater was beautiful aside from the tiny rows that didn't allow for short little me to cross my legs without kneeing someone in the head. I felt even worse for Jenni and family because they are quite a bit taller than me so their long legs were wedged against the seats. Of course I fell asleep the night before without somewhat straightening my hair thus it was so huge I was afraid I would knock out the person behind of me. The rows were just that small. Anyway, we were all too busy loving the show to worry about the seating. I laughed, I cried, I tried really hard not to sing along. Needless to say I can't rave about it enough and I don't want this to be a novel length post so I'll leave it at that. I will add that the best part by far was the company.

So this week wasn't a very productive one as far as writing goes. I did however get more done than last week. I did a few submissions and I finally got some down time at work which I used to update my personal journal about all the chaos of the last few weeks.
Also, I started editing a story that I would like to start subbing. It needs a lot of work. It had a horrible opening line and paragraph, several grammatical errors and the tense I wrote it in was not consistent. Goodness.
And unless you count all the awkwardness and ignorance that occurred at work this week and spending time with Jenni, I did not get any work done on Behind the Naugahyde.

I did manage to see Ghost Rider last weekend. I haven't really read too many comics with Ghost Rider so I'm not sure how the movie compared. I do imagine that the penance stare is cool in the comic books but it doesn't really translate well onto the big screen as the big finish for beating an evil villain in an action movie. I was impressed that Roxie didn't just sit around waiting to be rescued(Don't want to spoil anything). Over all I'd say it was a pretty decent movie.