Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just wait

It's amazing how the week has went from chaotic to stifling.

Right now I feel like I'm just waiting. I haven't heard from Jenni since we opened our e-mail. I know she's busy so it's okay but I miss hearing from her.
I'm also waiting to see if any of the artists who responded to my ad will write me back after I sent sample pages.
I check my mailbox waiting for rejection notices.
I've even been waiting to send out submissions. A lot of the university published magazine don't except submissions until September 1.
Of course, I've been waiting for my September issue of Writer's Post Journal!

The waiting will probably end and I'll get bombarded all at once.

The only thing I haven't been waiting to do this week is writing. It's writing that I love the most so if I have that, waiting for everything else isn't so bad.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

QUIRKY but not in a good way!

After sending out the first pages of our novel to the possible agent, I sat by my computer checking my e-mail every second. Just as I was getting ready to go to work an e-mail arrived. I was too nervous to open it so I went to work.
Then I called Jenni later to tell her I was dying to know what it said and she thought I was nuts for not opening it. So we agreed that she would call me or have her internet hooked up by the time I got home and we would open it together.

All night I kept thinking that I wished we had gotten a chance to edit it and it would probably say the same thing as the Writer's House letter.

Jenni kept me waiting six minutes past scheduled time, which nearly killed me.
I finally opened it and this is what it said.

"....I took a look; it's hilarious and the fragmented structure works really well. But it's a tad quirky and I'm not entirely sure I'd be able to secure a publisher."

Now you can see how reading the first part can get your heart going a mile a minute only to have it smashed the next second. But it was better than the last response so it's encouraging and it made me feel way better about not having edited it.
The Writer's House letter had said they didn't think the fragmented style worked, which makes it clear that writing is very subjective. And I almost fell out of chair laughing when he said quirky after last night's post. Although he used quirky kind of negatively and it was actually the positive choice for my question.
I considered begging him to reconsider and just try to find a publisher but instead Jenni's going to send a nice thank you note.

Now our plans are to finish editing chapter 5 and then we'll go back and read through 1-5. We hope to make a list of notes and questions that we can give to a few samples readers and get some feedback, seeing as Liza Dawson Associates thought it was pretty good and Writer's House was more toward the not-so-great side. We're a little confused about what we should be fixing.

That's the plan for now.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Quirky not crazy, right?

Today has been CRAZY!

To start everything off I hadn't heard from Jenni in a while. I figured that she was moving and starting her new teaching job so she was probably just busy. Part of me also thought maybe she was mad at me for saying that perhaps she was overly intelligent in my comments on chapter 5.
Since I was assuming she was just busy I tried not to stress that we were suppose to be editing chapters 1-5 and then sending them to a sample audience. After all there was no rush.

I woke up today and I felt like hell. I tried getting out of bed but when I threw up while showering I figured I'd better get some bed rest. (Sorry I'm sure that's more than anyone wanted to know).
I'm resting peacefully when I'm woken up by the phone ringing. I almost didn't get the phone call because they asked for Jennifer, not Ashley, but luck was on my side. It was an agent calling that I had sent a query to last week, he wanted to see our first 50-100 pages. I felt like a moron because he had to call since I forgot to put an e-mail address on the letter. Not to mention I got busted screening my calls.

You'd think now I'd be happy but I'm in serious distress. After our Writer's House rejection we decided to edit our first chapters. That hasn't been done and I have to get the e-mail out to the agent right away. I'm thinking I could wait until tomorrow morning but would that be enough time to edit? Of course, it was Jenni's first day at her new job (Yay Jenni!) so I left a few messages and she got a hold of me later at work. We decided to just send what we had and not try to rush edit it. After all writing's a subjective business; one person may like it and another may not.

Once I got home from work I hopped on-line and typed a nice cordial e-mail. When I went to put the book title in the subject line it occurred to me that I had not changed the book title, to "Behind the Naugahyde", when I sent out the last batch of query letters. So rather than confuse the guy, since he was already thinking I was nuts after the phone call fiasco earlier, I just stuck with Shoe Crew for now.
I send it off and ten seconds later I get a note saying the mail can't be sent because the address doesn't exist. I double check and find I had typed it in wrong. Okay. I re-type the address and send it off....without the attachment. Once I realized what I had done I kept hoping I would get another e-mail saying I had put in the wrong address but not this time. Now I had to send another e-mail apologizing for my incompetence and with the file attached.
Hopefully, he thinks I'm quirky rather than insane.

That's my crazy day folks.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

E-mails from artists

My javascript is not functioning so my e-mail account is not working. Also this blog page looks a little weird.

Anyway, before my e-mail started acting all funny I was able to open up the three responses I got from my digiweb ad. Two of them, I'm going to guess, were not fluent in English because I'm not exactly sure what they were trying to say. I feel bad but I don't know how to communicate my visions without words. Unless I draw a picture, which I can't do. That's why I need the artist. It's too bad because one of them had amazing art but they were all superheroes in poses so I'm not sure how action scenes would have went. Also the little bit I did get from his e-mail led me to believe he thinks he's getting paid.

I did send sample pages to the one that seemed to be fluent in English. I feel a little stupid showing my work to people I don't know. It's odd, but I'm neurotic like that. I'm also afraid that my crappy synopsis is not going to persuade him to work with me. I think the best part of the story is the surprise ending, which I don't want to give away because we all know that I'm paranoid. Anyway, I hope it works out.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

My day off!

I have been working my butt off today. It's my day off from work so I went into my office at 1:00 and I have been here since then. I took a few breaks to eat and watch the news but I have been cranking out the stuff.

First off, I got a ton of submissions set and ready to go once I get some stamps tomorrow.
Then I tore through chapter 5 of "Behind the Naugahyde". It took me a lot longer this time. Now that we've had rejection I am really trying hard to pay attention. Hopefully it will help.
The other thing I did was come up with a really neat idea. Now that I had a story published, I have to let the other publishers I sent it to know that it's been accepted since it was sent out simultaneously. I feel like a whole letter for this is a bit much. So I thought of postcards but what kind of post card do you send. Then it occurred to me that I had read that if you have a book signing or want to promote a story that it's a good idea to send postcards to those who may not have e-mail. That's when I got the brilliant idea to have my own postcards made. I checked the company that I get my business cards through and they had these really cool layouts. I already designed them and I am going to order them when I get my new business cards. I'll have to start a mailing list for mail now. Of course, I don't really have one for e-mail, so perhaps I'll start one of those too. And both the postcards and business cards promote this awesome blog!
Other than that I filed away the stack of papers on my desk that were higher than me and put an ad on digital webbing for a comic book artist. The ad says female hero and no pay which pretty much means no one will respond but I had to try. I tried it before that's when I found the artist that could draw characters but not backgrounds and the guy whose work was phenomenal but he couldn't read English.
I also put a post on my live journal and myspace blog about my story being published. I tried to do a myspace bulletin but there was an error so I guess I'll try again tomorrow.

I had a lot of fun just working on writing and writing related stuff, even if it did use up my whole day off. I really wish I could quit my job and do this all the time. It's a beautiful dream, isn't it?

Now I'm off to watch my recording of 'Who wants to be a superhero?"

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No stamps, no envelopes, no business cards, no magazine, no money!

I decided to take a quick break from editing chapter 5 and writing chapter 6 so last night I thought I'd work on submissions. Only to find I was completely out of stamps and only had a few of my overly sticky envelopes. Then I began to realize that I am almost out of my lovely business cards that have the hand written sticker updates. None of these things I can afford until Friday.
I also haven't been able to order my own copy of Writer's Post Journal because of lack of money. While I do get a free sample copy, I can only receive it once I have sent in a self-addressed stamped envelope, which brings me back to having no postage.

And to think I really wanted to quit my job. Good thing I didn't just dive into that.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Now available!

What a day!
I finished my part of chapter 5. Now I'm working on the first part of chapter 6. The reason that we're only doing part is because 5 kind of ends in a mini-cliff hanger.
I'm real excited about working on this. I keep thinking of hilarious things to put in. One of them is inspired by a Pussycat Dolls' video. It involves stripper moves and what else, a Naugahyde curtain. Yep! It's just that wacky!
The part that I'm writing for chapter six will involve a lot of superhero inspired maneuvers, a battle between a smart woman and an arrogant boy, plus a poster of a naked body part.
I hope I'm getting some suspense built up.

Okay onto my other big news. It is now available. The September 2006 Issue of Writer's Post Journal is now available through LBF books. I will be adding the link to my side bar. A few words of warning to anyone who may want to actually by it. First is that it's not my typical kind of story. It's funny( I think) but it's not superheroes, action, adventure, sci-fi. The next is that the magazine cost $9 plus $2.50 postage and the story is flash fiction. While I would love for many to buy it I realize it's quite pricey for such a short story so I won't be mad if no one buys it. Of course just because my story is short it is filled with lots of other fabulous stories and it will help support a small literary magazine that makes dreams come true for writers.

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Monday, August 14, 2006


I just want to say that my mouse sucks. Most of the time it doesn't move at all. I've tried cleaning it and throwing it across the room, neither has worked. I really want one of those way cool laser mouses but seeing as how I have negative money I don't think it will be happening.
My computer has also been sucking lately but I think it's because AIM and yahoo are constantly running. I've also had just about every file related to "Behind the Naugahyde" open and that's a lot of huge files.
Finally my computer just went down closing all the files with it. Only minor temper tantrums will occur since everything was saved.
On the bright side since my mouse has decided to not function, it makes wasting time on the internet very annoying so I'm doing it a lot less, thus giving me more time to write, in theory.

About to watch: Real World/Road Rules Challenge-Fresh Meat(I know I need help, I really shouldn't watch it but it is so addictive. Yikes!)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tedious task of typing

Works been so slow lately that I find myself having a lot of time to read and write(Shh..don't tell the boss, I could get written up). Anyway, I've written a lot of chapter 5 in long hand and now I have the tedious task of typing it in to my computer. While it is a chance to edit what I wrote, it's boring when you're not on a roll with a new idea but rather rewriting what you just wrote. Plus, the time I take typing the story takes away from my time of writing new stuff.
Oh well, enough complaining.

Hopefully, I'll get chapter 5 and the beginning of 6 done tomorrow.

They want more?

I'm sitting here trying not to fall asleep while I continue to write chapters five and six of "Behind the Naugahyde". Well obviously I'm not currently writing it because I'm writing in this blog. Anyway, I was attempting to write it but drowsiness caused me to stop. That's when I decided that I really don't write in my blog enough. After all I do want to be a writer so perhaps I should write more. I get really annoyed when I go to J.K. Rowling's website and she hasn't posted anything new about book 7. I can't help but dream that perhaps my two fans(more like the two people who feel obligated to read this because no one else does, rather than fans) are sitting at home angry at me for not posting more often.
Besides posting more often will get me more next blog hits which could lead to the third person that feels obligated to read this because no one else does! Speaking of next blog hits, I went through and edited some typos in a few past entries. Every time I fixed an entry I republished the blog which caused me to get a spree of next blog hits.

I got a chance to read the transcripts of John Irving, Stephen King and J.K. Rowling's Radio City Music Hall events. They answered questions from the audience and I was happy that they weren't all for J.K. Rowling. There were a lot of questions about how they write and get their ideas. It was quite interesting, at least for me.

As far as writing goes, I'm still working on chapters 5 and 6. Jenni is moving and getting a new job so she doesn't have a ton of time to get her part done either. Once we get done with the chapters and edits we're going to have some people read it and answer some questions.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

A funny thing happened

Jenni and I decided to get together today and plan the next chapters of our book. Originally, I was going to drive to her house but since my accelerator decided it would like to get stuck and give me a heart attack while I nearly rear end several cars, we decided it would be best if she stopped by my house.

I have to say I think these chapters will be the best yet. One idea we had was so funny that I burst out into laughter before I could even manage to tell Jenni what it was. It was just that good. Hopefully, we can tell the story as well as we picture it in our crazy heads because we were laughing so much while we were outlining it.

Since Jenni and I were at my house and it seemed as if fate had stepped in to get us both at my house rather than hers, I was almost certain a letter would come from Writer's House today. By the time Jenni left, the mail had not arrived. Even though the mail had missed Jenni the letter came today.

I called Jen and opened it while we were on the phone. I'm sure everyone has assumed that I would not have taken this long to get around to telling you the awesome news had it been good news at all. The assumption was correct. It was an "unfortunately" letter. They did give us some good feedback, making it slightly more bearable than a "Dear Author" letter.

Now our plan is to write out the chapters we planned today and then go back and work on the first chapters. We'll also be working on getting out more submissions. If all else fails, "We'll publish through a vanity press then get it on Oprah."

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