Monday, August 28, 2006

Quirky not crazy, right?

Today has been CRAZY!

To start everything off I hadn't heard from Jenni in a while. I figured that she was moving and starting her new teaching job so she was probably just busy. Part of me also thought maybe she was mad at me for saying that perhaps she was overly intelligent in my comments on chapter 5.
Since I was assuming she was just busy I tried not to stress that we were suppose to be editing chapters 1-5 and then sending them to a sample audience. After all there was no rush.

I woke up today and I felt like hell. I tried getting out of bed but when I threw up while showering I figured I'd better get some bed rest. (Sorry I'm sure that's more than anyone wanted to know).
I'm resting peacefully when I'm woken up by the phone ringing. I almost didn't get the phone call because they asked for Jennifer, not Ashley, but luck was on my side. It was an agent calling that I had sent a query to last week, he wanted to see our first 50-100 pages. I felt like a moron because he had to call since I forgot to put an e-mail address on the letter. Not to mention I got busted screening my calls.

You'd think now I'd be happy but I'm in serious distress. After our Writer's House rejection we decided to edit our first chapters. That hasn't been done and I have to get the e-mail out to the agent right away. I'm thinking I could wait until tomorrow morning but would that be enough time to edit? Of course, it was Jenni's first day at her new job (Yay Jenni!) so I left a few messages and she got a hold of me later at work. We decided to just send what we had and not try to rush edit it. After all writing's a subjective business; one person may like it and another may not.

Once I got home from work I hopped on-line and typed a nice cordial e-mail. When I went to put the book title in the subject line it occurred to me that I had not changed the book title, to "Behind the Naugahyde", when I sent out the last batch of query letters. So rather than confuse the guy, since he was already thinking I was nuts after the phone call fiasco earlier, I just stuck with Shoe Crew for now.
I send it off and ten seconds later I get a note saying the mail can't be sent because the address doesn't exist. I double check and find I had typed it in wrong. Okay. I re-type the address and send it off....without the attachment. Once I realized what I had done I kept hoping I would get another e-mail saying I had put in the wrong address but not this time. Now I had to send another e-mail apologizing for my incompetence and with the file attached.
Hopefully, he thinks I'm quirky rather than insane.

That's my crazy day folks.

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