Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"...they simultaneously murdered the English language."

Last week I watched the season premiere of Castle, a show on ABC. This is it's second season and unfortunately, I didn't catch any of those episodes. I have to say that I really like this show. It's really funny and interesting.
The idea is that a famous novelist is doing research for books by following around a NYC homicide detective. This famous writer, Castle is played by Nathan Fillion formerly known as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the TV series, Firefly, and movie, Serenity. He manages to bring humor to serious characters and he was just absolutely funny in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
Castle is an interesting character. He's cocky as a writer but also actually good at the detective work.
In last night's episode he obsessed about a murderer who used improper grammar while writing on a dead body. And while the NYPD are wearing bullet proof vests that say "POLICE" his vest says "WRITER".
It's a good show but I can tell that it's not going to be one of those mainstream hits like CSI and I worry that it will be canceled prematurely. However, it made it to a second season so I'll continue to watch. Hopefully, I'll have more good things to say and maybe get a chance to watch the season one episodes.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Work to do

I met with my writing group tonight. While my Internet was down, again, I got some writing done and actually managed to rewrite some more of my former comic book script, Incognito. I've been taking a little bit of it every month to writing group. I didn't get as much done for this meeting as I would've liked to. I got one scene but it was only two pages. There was another super short scene I had wanted to add but time got away from me this weekend. Despite having three days off.
I've gotten positive feedback so far. I'm trying to make the story a little more humorous since I'm starting to think that might be my strength.
Now we have a solid Internet connection so as long as that holds up, I should be updating more. I actually have quite a few writing projects on the burners right now. And most of them involve other people, which is a good thing because then I feel obligated to keep up with them. I hate letting people down.
And on that note, I should probably get to work.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Coming Home

It's been three long weeks without Internet and thanks to moving there was little chance to get to the library and do anything, but I'm back now. We managed to get moved into our new house. It's in the same neighborhood that I've lived in twice before. The neighborhood where many of my friends from my school days lived. I love it here and I'm glad we found this house. I have a huge office. (I need to get a big comfy reading chair!) And a whole room for my sale books. There's also a closed in porch for me to write outside but be free from the rain and mosquitoes. It's in a great neighborhood to walk so that I can think things through and there's a park nearby to sit and write at. Plus, there's a huge basement and garage that leaves lots of room for Slipstream Graphics to paint. And the garage leads to the possibility of some very big paint jobs.
This house is a writer and artist's dream come true. We're very happy here. I'm so excited.
And we're finally unpacked for the most part. There's still a few books in boxes but everything is set up and I'm ready to start cranking out some stuff.
The thing I love most about this house is that there's no tension or drama among roommates. There's no one bothering me every second. It's peaceful. And despite having a wonky work schedule, I'm pretty content right now and I feel that if I could just find a routine, that I could really make some progress with writing.