Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another hot day.

It's still hot! The weather report says it's suppose to cool down tomorrow but that's what they said yesterday about today.

I went to see X3 and it was pretty good. I've heard a lot of comic fans express disappointment but I thought it wasn't too bad if you don't compare it to the comic book. Maybe the Phoenix story wasn't exactly like the comics but try fitting 30 issues into two hours. I also don't care about the 'permanent' (it's the best way to describe things without being a spoiler) things that happened in the movie. It's the last of the series, so it doesn't matter(at least I think it's the last of the series. The last scene and the scene after the credits lead me to think maybe not).
Anyway, it gave me an awesome comic book story idea. It involves some X-Men but is not an X-Men story. Now if Marvel would just give me a job, the whole world could see my wicked idea.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I hate the heat!

Blah! It's not even June and it's already in the 90's. I'm really upset by this. I live in the northern part of the country because I hate hot weather. If it stays this hot throughout the whole summer I will be really annoyed. The heat disgust me. It makes my hyperhydrosis flare so bad which puts me in a real bad mood. The most irritating thing is that I hate touching stuff. That means keyboards, pens, papers. I can't stand the touch of any of it and unfortunately I have yet to figure how to telekenetically use my keyboard. I thought about tape recording but it's really not the same. I'll just suffer through the annoying heat and write, no matter how unpleasant it becomes, because I love it. Sorry to complain. I'm sure I said the same crap during the heat wave last summer.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bye "That 70's Show"!

I would just like to say good-bye to one of my favorite TV shows. The first one I've watched from the beginning to the end. It was hilarious and, I know this sounds wrong since it is a sitcom but, the characters were inspiring, especially when I was in high school. I'll miss you 'That 70's show'!

Monday, May 15, 2006

A girl can dream.

J.K. Rowling, Stephen King and John Irving will be doing a reading together at Radio City Music Hall on Aug. 1st and 2nd. I would just love to go. The cheapest tickets are $12 and going to New York would be so cool. Sadly, right now I can't even afford the $12 and some how I have a feeling the tickets won't be there long.

I can't even describe how exciting it would be to be in the same building with such awesome authors and listen to them read their work. Not to mention going to New York.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Finally moved in!

I am back! I am finally moved into my new house and while I haven't even come close to having everything unpacked, I do have my computer and most of my office up and running (pictures to come soon I promise).
I have also started back into my writing!

In way cooler news....Jenni and I have a near finished query letter. So it might not be long before were sending out proposals for a novel!