Monday, May 08, 2006

Finally moved in!

I am back! I am finally moved into my new house and while I haven't even come close to having everything unpacked, I do have my computer and most of my office up and running (pictures to come soon I promise).
I have also started back into my writing!

In way cooler news....Jenni and I have a near finished query letter. So it might not be long before were sending out proposals for a novel!

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D.B. Echo said...

Most of the writing I do is on display in my blog. (This is a big improvement over the days when most of my writing was being done in private e-mails, or even earlier when it was in written-on-paper letters. It's strange to think that back in those days the letter recipient, not the writer, was the person who was the keeper [or discarder] of the writer's work!) And most (if not all) of what I write on my blog qualifies as non-fiction - I generally don't make that stuff up, or when I do it's for comedic purposes and I flag it immediately. The same is true for you, I think: this blog counts as non-fiction writing!

There's a lot to be said for non-fiction writing. You really get a grasp of conversation, interaction, behaviors - how many times have you been reading a work of fiction or a comic book and said "Nobody acts like that, nobody talks like that! This is crap!" (I have some friends who I say the same thing about, so there actually ARE people who act and talk like "that".) Maybe you should approach non-fiction as a gateway to fiction writing. Create a superhero who spends her days working in a shoe shop! Pick up on the inane conversations and interactions between customers and staff and work them into dialogue!

You've studied writing a lot more than I have, but the one secret to writing I have had revealed to me in books by Gene Wolfe, Harlan Ellison, and others, is this: write! Every day, write something: fiction, non-fiction, an outline, a script - just write! Keep the writing muscles flexing, and keep learning from what you're writing. A writer is someone who cannot NOT write. So write the little non-fiction articles for money, write the superhero sonnets for the love of it, and keep writing the blog entries for US!