Sunday, May 28, 2006

I hate the heat!

Blah! It's not even June and it's already in the 90's. I'm really upset by this. I live in the northern part of the country because I hate hot weather. If it stays this hot throughout the whole summer I will be really annoyed. The heat disgust me. It makes my hyperhydrosis flare so bad which puts me in a real bad mood. The most irritating thing is that I hate touching stuff. That means keyboards, pens, papers. I can't stand the touch of any of it and unfortunately I have yet to figure how to telekenetically use my keyboard. I thought about tape recording but it's really not the same. I'll just suffer through the annoying heat and write, no matter how unpleasant it becomes, because I love it. Sorry to complain. I'm sure I said the same crap during the heat wave last summer.


jenni said...

I loved the dog article! I discovered today (in the heat wave) that cats like to play with ice cubes :)

Ashley said...

Kreeg also loves ice cubes! I think he may have eaten a whole tray today. He thinks they are an awesome snack. Anytime you open the freezer he sits and waits for you to give him one.
He doesn't really play with it though. He puts in his mouth, then spits it out, then back in his mouth and so on. Eventually he crunches it into bits and finishes it off.