Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fan letters

I was reading a book about getting into comic writing. One of the writer's giving advice, who's name escapes me right now (I can't look it up because the book is packed and waiting for transport), said that he had never written any comics before getting his first job writing Green Lantern for DC. They gave him the job because they had come to know him through the 100 or so letters he had published in the back of their comics. I haven't seen any readers letters in the back of DC lately but I have seen they are in Marvel. So once I get through this crazy, hectic thing called relocation, maybe I should start my letter writing.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Out of old, into new, starting!

I'm still in the process of packing and the big move will begin on Monday. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, and just ready to get it over with.
I haven't really been working much on writing, mostly because my office is a room full of boxes. It's a little hard to find the room or the time. I'm hoping to get unpacked and set up as soon as possible. I don't want to waste anytime.
I did apply for a comic writing job today. Since I have no experience with an actual published comic book, I probably won't get it. Trying never hurt though.
My new house also has a pretty nice garage that I plan on using more for a creative space. My office will still be in the extra bedroom but the garage will be excellent for my giant project. So I plan on decking it out.

In hopes of networking with more writers, artist, editors, and cool people in general, I have started a myspace page. I know it's horrible but it might be beneficial.
Ashley's myspace page . I haven't decided on a URL yet so right now it's just the generic one. I'll link to it on my side bar too. Right now it's not too exciting but I hope to add to it little by little.

On a complete non-writing note, I'm participating in the Race for the Cure, to help the fight against breast cancer, on Sunday. My family and I will be walking in memory of my Aunt Jackie. If anyone would like to sponsor me or join me in the walk please visit my page on the fundraising website. Don't worry if you can't donate, I'll still love you. Thanks!
BTW sorry to everyone who has already read this message from me.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Good from the bad

A few months back I went to the theater to see the latest Zorro movie. As I watched the movie I got a brilliant idea for a character. A hero who, like Zorro, who is a real person and doesn't have crazy super powers. It's been done before but I had my own little twist to this character. It's the character's motivation that truly makes him stand out. And of course I'm not going to tell you what my secret weapon is because I love to be vague in fear of someone stealing my phenomenal idea.
I've got this great character. I'm really excited. I'm thinking of notes faster than I can write them down. Then I go to write the story. The introduction to the character was boring. I just said this is the character rather than introduce him gradually throughout the story. Oh well, I'll work it out later. Then I continued to write the story, eventually forcing myself 'cuz it ain't happening. It sucks. I just keep repeating the same stuff and that stuff is the character, his motivation and his plan. There's no story.
I demand that I come up with a story for this guy and I do but it's the same old thing. This awesome character isn't going to cut it alone. He can't have the same lame downfall to bounce back from then triumph. He can't just get stabbed, pull the knife out and continue to take down his enemy. It's just too predictable, boring, cliche, over done. Call it what you want.
So I promise myself I will come up with something. Every night when I am trying to sleep I think about the story I'm currently writing and develop the story or just keep going over it. Still nothing.
Then inspiration struck. Yesterday, a situation occurred in life that was unjust. There was betrayal of friendship, accusations made and a person who lost many things very dear to them. It made me angry, sad, frustrated and(insert various other negative emotions here). But out of every crappy situation comes something good. Tonight as I dwelled on the situation I thought of how an over elaborate version of these events would make my story whole. It's beautiful. My excitement for the story has returned.

I know sometimes I write things about projects and I give no detail of the project. I apologize for this but I hate to give the story away . If someone were to love the idea and I never developed it, it would be disappointing. Or maybe someone would write it first and better. Since I don't have good writing skills all I got are my ideas. But really the reason that I write about projects is to share my frustration and joy. If I was going to give the whole story plot and character away in my blog, well then there would be little point in writing it. I'm sure there would be some point but whatever. Anyway, I hope the few people who actually read this aren't incredibly bored and annoyed by my stupid stories about writing. Sorry. Hopefully, one day I'll get something published and there will be something more entertaining to read than my crazy blog entries.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Well since I will soon be leaving my house I thought I would post pictures of my first office. This is where most of my writing has been done for the last three years. Sorry, Batman fell down:(

Thursday, April 13, 2006

On the move.

I've slacked off on the blogging lately for one good reason. I'm moving.
Last week my slumlord called and told me to get out because he wants his house back. So I spent last week in a panicked search. Thankfully I found a new place in a timely fashion. I'm moving in on May 1st. Now I'm on to packing, which if you've ever been to my house, you know I have a lot of stuff. I'm a collector of many things. Action figures, comic books, books, statues, comic art, shot glasses, DVD's, CD's. Each of the categories I named means I own well over a hundred of each category. I'm certain the comics go into the thousands. I also have an office with about four file drawers full of writing in some state of completion.

The funny thing is I never realized how much moving affects my writing. First off I have have submissions out that will be coming to this address. Yes I know there is forwarding but I've noticed things can slip through the postal service cracks. And we all know if there is one person that wants to publish me, it will be the one whose response letter doesn't get forwarded. Second, I couldn't start my big project because it's just too huge to move mid-project. So it's on delay. Also I'll need to make new business cards. Plus moving all my junk and the time that I waste packing, moving and unpacking in which I could be writing. Hopefully things go well and the transition is smooth and fast. We'll see.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One song

After my writing class pretty much made me hate the idea of writing short-fiction stories, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to write. I have a ton of ideas that would make great stories and I'm sure I'll get to write most of them one day if the fates allow.
In my down time I've been watching a lot of movies and two got me really thinking.
The first was "Walk the Line". When Johnny Cash is at an audition, in hopes to record his music, the producer he's playing for tells him to stop. The producer ask him if he got hit by a truck and you only had enough time to play one song before you go, one chance to tell people what you really feel about life, is that what you would sing? That's not an exact quote but you get the idea.
Then I was watching a favorite of mine, Rent. Roger, a song writer, is trying to write one song before he dies. But if you only get to write one song, what do you write about?
This all got me thinking. If I only have time to write one thing in my life, do I want it to be some lame vampire story that I only wrote because it met the requirements for my class? Do I want my one story to be written how my professor instructed so I can get an A? I want it to be written the way I feel it, I want it to say what I want it to say?
I just don't know what that is.