Monday, July 31, 2006

Sweaty Palms are not so bad!

Normally the horrible heat and the not-so-happy moments in my life would be really keeping me down. I've been trying to keep a positive attitude and tonight I just started complaining about how things suck.
Then I checked my e-mail. It was not a rejection notice my friends, it said "accepted". My work has been selected to appear in the September issue of Writer's Post Journal.
I submitted my job interview gone bad story, Sweaty Palms, for the September issue that had a theme of jobs/work/opportunities.
The magazine can only be purchased on-line but it is a real magazine, not an e-zine. The issue will be out in September and I'll post a link then.

I actually wrote the story as a short-short for a creative writing class assignment. And it's written in second person. Crazy, I know. I was inspired by my job interview for the job I have now. It was in September so it was still hot and I remember my palms were sweating like mad when I had to shake my bosses' hand. Then in the interview he made a comment about what not to wear and I was wearing it. I really didn't think I would get the job. I did but I thought about what else could have gone wrong and then kept elaborating until I had this story. When my creative writing teacher didn't put a bunch of horrible comments on it I thought it might be worth sending out.

I'm so excited!

Upside down

My world is turning upside down lately. Jenni is no longer working at the store. She has left the wonderful world of footwear. Not that it matters much because I'm not really sure how much longer the store will be there. Aside from work sucking I've had some other problems in life that I don't really feel like sharing.

I wanted to have my untitled, realistic hero comic finished by tomorrow. Sometimes I think weird coincidences occur. A while back in an April entry "Good from the Bad", I wrote about how I had gotten my idea for this story and how a crazy situation in my life turned a good character into a great story.
My intention for that great story was a one issue comic that would raise awareness about an important issue, be a sort-of-tribute to someone and point out what an ass someone else was. I had the outline. All I had to do was finish the script. Then this weekend the crappy situation reoccured and I realized that there is more to this story. There are more characters more plot and more than one issue. Of course once again it's good from horrible. Anyway, I don't think I'll get it finished by tomorrow night.
I know it was vague and everyone's like "what the hell?". All I can say is sorry. I don't really want to talk about it.

I did send in a Harry Potter fan fiction story. It was a little unexpected for me because I wrote it an hour before the deadline and I didn't proof read it a hundred times and pick it apart. Normally I would just give up and tell myself 'here are a hundred reasons not to finish'. This time I figured I just had to try. I've got nothing to lose. I doubt anyone's gonna be saying "Wow remember that writer that wrote the really crappy HP fan-fic". Besides I had some cool ideas and when will I ever have a reason to use them in my writing? And it was fun to write.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fan-fic, finish script, goodbye store, go see RENT

I came up with a pretty interesting idea for some Harry Potter fan fiction. I'm hoping to get that written up and sent in on time.
Inspiration didn't really hit until I was in bed trying to sleep. I didn't feel like getting out of bed to write. Since I use my cell phone as an alarm clock (actually that's all I use it for) I picked it up and typed my ideas into several different "reminders".

I set a goal for myself to finish my realistic hero story by the end of Monday. It shouldn't be hard since I have a good outline I just have to break it down into script.

A few things not necessarily related to comics. The book store down the street from my house is closing tomorrow. While I was very excited to stock up on books for cheap I was also sad. I used to walk there with my grandpa when I was little and he would buy me a book or a comic. It contributed greatly to my love for reading. It's also unhappy to see another business bite the dust because it could be my job next.

On a happier note, I got my Wharton Center tickets today! I love local theater and I do actually go to performances but it's really awesome to see some big productions. I'll be going to see the Dracula Ballet ( I love both ballet and Dracula so this should be cool) and six days before my birthday I will be in the grand terrace seeing, you guessed it, RENT! YAY!

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Someone else's character

I just read that Leaky Cauldron, a Harry Potter fansite, is holding a competition for best fan fiction. But not just any fan fiction. It has to be set in Las Vegas or the wizarding equivalent of and can only be 750- 1500 words. The contest is limited to three entries per person but since the deadline is Friday at midnight I'm sure I don't have to worry about it. The contest will have two winners funniest and most creative.

I've never written fan fiction although I have been known to come up with ideas from time to time. Mostly with comic books because I like to think there is a miniscule chance I could be writing them one day. It's a field where writing storylines for someone else's characters is very common where as novel writers very rarely write sequels for something they did not originally create.

I'm thinking about giving it a shot. If for no better a reason than to practice working with already developed characters and ideas rather than coming up with my own.
If I do try it, I'll post it here since I have nothing to lose.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rejection rips!

The past few weeks I have gotten quite a few rejection letters. I've had a problem with a few. When I open them the sticky part of the envelope that you would lick, is stuck to the letter inside. It seems to be that the sticky part goes higher than where the edge is . It sticks to the paper and requires me to rip the letter to get it out. If the self-addressed stamped envelopes I've been sending out are messed up than that means that it's likely a few submissions that I have sent have been ripped to shreds before the editor can read it.
Not only have they been getting my lovely business cards where I have hand-written my new address on stickers and posted it over the old one but they are also getting cheap, defective envelopes. I think I'm definitely making a good impression.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Jenni and I worked out the details for the next chapter so now we just have to write it.

And yes, I know I spelled naugahyde incorrectly in the last entry. I went back and fixed it but I also wanted to point out that both Jenni and spell check did not know how to spell naugahyde so I'm not the only one. I actually had to check the glorious green shreds that curtain the "employees only" section of our store.

What is naugahyde? (Jenni you'll love this!)

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Monday, July 17, 2006

The first glimpse

My intention for the past few days was to post a preview of the sample chapters Jenni and I had written.
The whole thing has been a lot harder than I planned. How much do I post? What part can I post that people will understand and what part is the most entertaining? These things were hard to decide.
After a little discussion with Jen, here's what we came up with. There are two little parts. We decided not to put our most dramatic parts out because they give away too much.
Here is a quick synopsis of the novel. It's about a shoe store and the crazy things that happen there.

So here's a little bit of it. Keep in mind these are both e-mails between characters so much like dialogue they are written the way a real person would say something and are not necessarily grammatically correct. And there is a small chunk missing between the two that's why there are quotations and the ...'s.

"...Andre was supposed to open the Earlton store today. Neil got there and the store was closed. Neil called him and Andre said he was there. I guess Neil kept insisting that he was not there while he searched the store looking for Andre. On the phone Andre said he was in the bathroom. Neil got to the bathroom and the door was closed. Apparently the toilet was running, so Neil waited while talking to Andre on his phone. Neil asked Andre to hang up the phone and talk to him through the door and Andre's reply was "no I'm in the bathroom, that would just be weird." WTF?! I know! So Neil kept waiting, the toilet kept running and Andre was on the phone. Finally Neil tried the door and it was locked. All the time Andre is on the phone and Neil can't hear if he's in the bathroom because the toilet's running.
So I guess Neil dropped to the ground and tried to peer under the door. The lights were on but he couldn't see feet. Of course he could only see about two inches into the bathroom. Neil became seriously more pissed when he realized that a Milk Dud was squished on the pants of his best suit. Neil demands Andre has to come out of the bathroom in two minutes or at least give him some sign he's in there..."

"...Too bad he didn't burn the place down on his way. As if the people from Earlton can even afford Sole Comfort shoes. And I know Sandra would have been first in line to tan by the light of the fire. Seriously, how dumb is she? She wanted to fire Andre after he already quit? Yeah, she was definitely a perfect choice to manage the Earlton store. She's probably the smartest, tannest, best-dressed person in that town (uh, village?) and that's not saying much.
Anyway, I know you could hardly wait for this, so I hereby present you with the lurid details of My Day With Fred. I got to the store at 9:30 and did all of the opening procedures while Neil sat playing solitaire in his office. By 9:45, Fred still hadn't arrived. The security cameras will clearly document that he strolled in at 9:57, only 3 minutes before opening. As I was unlocking the front doors, Fred took his time to mix up a glass of Metamucil and V8 in the back. I understand the necessity for such things (I surely wouldn't want the poor guy to be irregular), and maybe when you're 78 you just don't care but why not just have your drink at home with your breakfast?!...

From "Behind the Naugahyde" by Jennifer Lamb and Ashley Shaffier

Friday, July 14, 2006


Oh wow! If I had realized there was going to be a link made to my blog yesterday I would have written about something more interesting. What's more exciting than an entry that goes "I'm bored and soon to be unemployed"?

And since the link was comic book related I should post about comics. And since this blog's about writing I should post about writing comic books. Yet, there's nothing to say except I still have no artist. That is all,

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

What to do?

I've spent the past week or so scrambling to get the first three chapters done. It seemed like nearly every second went to that. Now that it's done I don't know what to do with myself. I know I should start working on the next part but since Jenni and I are partners we have to come up with what's next together. So until we get a chance to meet and come up with an outline for the next chapters, they really isn't much to do.
I do have other projects to work on. My comic story I was working on came to halt when the three chapter demand rolled in so I should get back to that.

Aside from what to write next my mind is kind of cluttered. I just read my bosses live journal and it seems like I might be needing a new job soon. It would be great to get something in the publishing field but their just isn't much of that around here. Maybe I can go back to bartending. That's always a great way to meet crazy characters and my boss did say that the only thing people are buying right now is booze.

Well if Jenni and I lose our jobs at least we'll have plenty of time to write our novel. There's always a bright side, I think.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's in the mail!

The first three chapters of the novel are in the mail. Now all we can do is wait. Of course we'll continue to send out submissions and continue to write the rest of the book.
Our first three chapters equaled 46 standard pages which is equal to 72 novel pages. So we'll either have an incredibly long novel, a few very long chapters or a lot of cuts to make.

I just finished watching the first episode of Nightmares and Dreamscapes. It's an anthology of shows based on Stephen King short stories. The first story they did was "Battleground" which I think is in Night Shift, but I'm not sure, I do know that I have read it . Anyway it was the craziest thing there were no commercials, which is unusual for a t.v. show. The other thing, no one spoke. The main character grunted every now and again but nothing, no actual words. Interesting.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Big words"

I've just spent the past two hours looking up "big words" to use for a character that pretends to be smarter than everyone else.
Don't worry I didn't retain much so there'll be no nothing that sounds intelligent written here!
After a while of writing I wasn't even sure if what I said made sense which could make the whole thing seem incredibly stupid or funnier because the character is trying so hard to be smart that they don't even make sense, which makes them look even more stupid or something like that.
Well the first three chapters are ready to be sent out. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but I have to say it's pretty cool!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Going crazy!

Despite the heat I have been using just about every second of spare time to work on our novel.
I think I'm driving everyone to hate me including my dog, after losing two hours of editing last night, due to my own stupidity of not saving it. (I'm sure Jenni's cracking up because when we met to work on the novel a week ago I saved about once every ten minutes, I'm just that paranoid.) Anyway when I went to send my file to Jenni and it was not there, I kicked and threw everything in my way sending my poor baby Kreeg into hiding behind a chair ( For the record, I wasn't throwing the stuff at him). Yes, my 110 pound beast that pulls me down the street with little effort was ducking in terror from the raving lunatic that writing has made of me.
I was just a little stressed because we had set a deadline of having it sent out by Tuesday. It's now tentatively Wednesday.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm back!

I am back on the internet.

While I was away I've been working hard. After sending out several query letters, Jenni and I heard back from a company that wants to read more of our stuff. So we've been working our butts off. It's really exciting!

I'm happy to be back on the internet and I'll try my best to keep my bills pay.

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