Monday, July 31, 2006

Upside down

My world is turning upside down lately. Jenni is no longer working at the store. She has left the wonderful world of footwear. Not that it matters much because I'm not really sure how much longer the store will be there. Aside from work sucking I've had some other problems in life that I don't really feel like sharing.

I wanted to have my untitled, realistic hero comic finished by tomorrow. Sometimes I think weird coincidences occur. A while back in an April entry "Good from the Bad", I wrote about how I had gotten my idea for this story and how a crazy situation in my life turned a good character into a great story.
My intention for that great story was a one issue comic that would raise awareness about an important issue, be a sort-of-tribute to someone and point out what an ass someone else was. I had the outline. All I had to do was finish the script. Then this weekend the crappy situation reoccured and I realized that there is more to this story. There are more characters more plot and more than one issue. Of course once again it's good from horrible. Anyway, I don't think I'll get it finished by tomorrow night.
I know it was vague and everyone's like "what the hell?". All I can say is sorry. I don't really want to talk about it.

I did send in a Harry Potter fan fiction story. It was a little unexpected for me because I wrote it an hour before the deadline and I didn't proof read it a hundred times and pick it apart. Normally I would just give up and tell myself 'here are a hundred reasons not to finish'. This time I figured I just had to try. I've got nothing to lose. I doubt anyone's gonna be saying "Wow remember that writer that wrote the really crappy HP fan-fic". Besides I had some cool ideas and when will I ever have a reason to use them in my writing? And it was fun to write.

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jenni said...

Remember how Stephen King submitted the story to the magazine and they wrote back saying 'sorry it's not for us,' and then once he was Stephen King he resubmitted the same story without editing at all and they gladly published it? I think it will be much the same with the HP fanfic! :)