Monday, July 10, 2006

Going crazy!

Despite the heat I have been using just about every second of spare time to work on our novel.
I think I'm driving everyone to hate me including my dog, after losing two hours of editing last night, due to my own stupidity of not saving it. (I'm sure Jenni's cracking up because when we met to work on the novel a week ago I saved about once every ten minutes, I'm just that paranoid.) Anyway when I went to send my file to Jenni and it was not there, I kicked and threw everything in my way sending my poor baby Kreeg into hiding behind a chair ( For the record, I wasn't throwing the stuff at him). Yes, my 110 pound beast that pulls me down the street with little effort was ducking in terror from the raving lunatic that writing has made of me.
I was just a little stressed because we had set a deadline of having it sent out by Tuesday. It's now tentatively Wednesday.

Currently reading: 52 #9, Supergirl #7, the Thing #8
Just saw: Cars


D.B. Echo said...

I think you need to get a waterproof computer and do your writing from the comfort of a nice, cool bath. (Douglas Adams used to do that!) At least until Autumn!

jenni said...

I'm hustling, we might still get it out today!

Far funnier were your editorial comments (post throwing things) and my reactions:

"I don't think my character would say that! RAR!"

"Uh, WTF Ash? It's just an 'and.'"

Oh dear, we'll get this thing out yet! :)