Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rejection rips!

The past few weeks I have gotten quite a few rejection letters. I've had a problem with a few. When I open them the sticky part of the envelope that you would lick, is stuck to the letter inside. It seems to be that the sticky part goes higher than where the edge is . It sticks to the paper and requires me to rip the letter to get it out. If the self-addressed stamped envelopes I've been sending out are messed up than that means that it's likely a few submissions that I have sent have been ripped to shreds before the editor can read it.
Not only have they been getting my lovely business cards where I have hand-written my new address on stickers and posted it over the old one but they are also getting cheap, defective envelopes. I think I'm definitely making a good impression.

Just saw: Clerks II


Jenni said...

Plus the query where there were accidentally two names twice. LOL What a comedy of errors! If it makes you feel any better, I was folding my SASEs completely silly until you mentioned how to do it right. That's probably why all of the companies I queried rejected us. Improper SASE folding!

Ashley said...

Well at least the submissions signed twice with the same name didn't include my hand-altered business cards.