Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A little something upbeat

I'm sorry to burden everyone with sad post. It's not good so here's a post about a little something that is good. Literally, there's good in the name. I'm talking about GoodReads.com.
I joined back in October, but I wasn't on it much at first. My co-worker, R the artist, invited me but hasn't been on it since to approve our friendship. So I felt lonely but then I found someone I knew and then someone I knew found me then I started sending out invites.

I think it's a really cool site for serious readers. Anyone can discuss books, review books and rate the books they've read as well as list books they're reading or that they want to read. There have been dozens of times on here I've been trying to figure out what to read or looking for a particular book and I feel like this site is perfect for just those occasions.
Lots of times I find that I want to read a really good book but how to know which one? The only books I ever hear much about are classics and popular, mainstream books. So hopefully GoodReads will be full of suggestions about lesser known books that are great reads.
Who knows maybe one day I'll have my own book on there. Ian at En-Blog has his short story anthology Chopper listed on GoodReads.

Of course, I sent Jenni an invite and she's hooked. I also sent D.B.Echo an invite but he has yet to list any books!
I've added a widget (what an adorable name!) to my sidebar. A few of my highest rated books are listed and clicking on GoodReads goes to my profile where the above mentioned friends can be found.
Now I'm off to read. It gets my mind off of things and I'm also eager to list another book on GoodReads!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another crappy post for now

It's getting worse and I still don't want to talk about it. Life, that is. I know I'm very fortunate and should not be complaining. It's just that I feel like I'm getting repeatedly smacked in the face and it's hard to be perky and upbeat about that.
I'm tired. I'm broke. There aren't enough hours in the day. And I feel really alone right now.
In the few seconds that I'm not at the hospital, looking for future employment or trudging through the little bit of a job I have left, I have been querying Going It Alone to agents but so far no takers. I'm also constantly making updates to it. And somehow I got inspired to write another novel. I know I am working on a few different novels but this one has really been on my mind and it just seems time to write it. It's not the same characters but it's almost like a sequel to Going It Alone. That may seem crazy since I can't even get anyone to take a look at Going It Alone but writing is my free therapy right now so I'm putting down what pops into my head.

Anyway, hopefully things will settle down soon and I'll have a coherent and interesting post to write. Until then I'll try to keep up with life and remember it could be worse.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I don't want to talk about it

It's been one of those weeks. I'm optimistic that things will get better but I'm not inspired to write anything on my blog. I need a break from everything. So here's another RENT clip for your enjoyment. (And yes these will keep coming until RENT is officially retired on June 1.)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Holy Sonnet Batman!

In recent post I've mentioned a few different things. One was looking back on some of my old post that had substance and weren't just filler material I posted to let people know I was still alive. Actually that I might have mentioned quite a while ago. I don't really recall. Anyway, the other was poetry. When I combine these two things I came up with one thought. Sonnets.

Over two years ago, I sat in the last day of writing class, forced to write a sonnet. At the time this was really annoying because I was on a bad kick about my dislike of poetry after having just been forced to write poetry in many different forms, including prose poems. For the record, I still can only guess the difference between a prose poem and a short short. I really think it has to do with sharing thoughts (prose poem) and telling a story (short short). Of course, this is only a guess and really I feel the whole thing is very debatable. Jenni, if you're out there please feel free to enlighten me.

Sorry for the digression. Now back to our regularly scheduled program, which is my brilliant sonnet and the idea that followed, which wasn't all that brilliant and I have yet to follow through on.

I wrote a sonnet about Batman. To me, it seemed really genius. It wasn't something many people would write a sonnet about. I felt my use of BAM! and POW! were an awesome idea and a great tribute to the old comics and t.v. show.
It was definitely one of my favorite things I ever wrote. I loved it so much I vowed to write 154, or however many Shakespeare sonnets there are, comic book character sonnets. I started with a bang, one a week, even buying a rhyming dictionary but I fell off the wagon after a mere 4 and a half started sonnet.
It was difficult to find cool things about each character or quirky things like onomatopoeias and then make them rhyme and fit. I started to wonder if I should have just left it at the awesomeness of Batman. I still think about it. Maybe one day I'll have inspiration to finish. Until then it's in my incomplete stack.
And for anyone who hasn't read the first of my few sonnets and is mildly curious about it, just click here for the original post.

*Why did I not use the title of this post for the original post. And yes a Robin sonnet with Holy something or other in it would be a quote that would equal the quirkiness of the onomatopoeias.*

**Also why does spell check keep telling me that onomatopoeias is wrong and that it should have an apostrophe after the 's'? Am I missing something in my grammar or is spell check just nuts as usual? **

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I did have another poetryesque post that is mixed with an old school flashback but I thought I'd hold off for a day and spread some love.

I received a blog award a few days ago and I didn't get around to putting it up. I was hesitant since I don't really feel like I deserve but D.B.Echo went to the trouble of giving it to me so I feel I should, in fact, do what the award says I've done and spread love.
I don't think anyone who reads this blog would not be worthy of the award so I give it to everyone.
My plan was to continue to spread the love and the poetry by putting up a poem filled with love that I had written. Then I looked through what I had, only to find they were all sad and about heartbreak. It's been a rough few years for me in the relationship department, but fortunately, I'm on the path to setting things right. It's a hard path. A poetry, short story and novel inspiring path that I never thought I would have the strength to go down. Well, it may be tough but at least it's giving me something to write about.
And now I'm getting way too personal. So remember spread the love. And not just the romantic love. Be kind to others, go out of your way to do something good for someone and try to have some understanding with everyone.
Anyway, since my blog is kind of plain and I want to spruce it up. I've decided to add more videos and more pictures so for Valentine's Day, here's another RENT moment.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

If Only I Could Play An Instrument

My last post was about poetry. It seems crazy to me considering how much I don't understand it and thus am scared to attempt to write it. Yet, I write what I must, what pops into my head and demands to be put on paper. Sometimes it's just lines that would not make a cohesive story but still they say what I want to tell. The only thing I can really categorize that as is poetry.

I'll admit I don't read much poetry but I do know there are some poems that I do admire. Although, the poetry I flock too is probably too well known and mainstream to count for much among true poetry lovers. The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, many different children's poems by Shel Silverstein and Shakespeare sonnets are about the only thing, not in text books, on my book shelves.

A common thread is that they rhyme and when I attempt to write poetry, even if I try really hard not to, what I write usually rhymes. I'm not sure that it's considered high quality poetry these days if it rhymes.

So I'm thinking that maybe I'm not a poet. Perhaps I'm a lyricist. I love music. I can remember the words to just about any song I've heard more than two or three times. I really connect with music and I feel like most of my poetry would make decent song lyrics if they were tweaked a bit.

I would love to turn my rhyming poetry into songs. The only problem with this is that I have absolutely no musical talent at all. I can play the guitar a little. I would love to play the piano but I don't know how. Even if I did manage to learn to play then I would have to figure out how to write original music to go with my lyrics.

There may be the option of teaming up with someone who has musical talent but we see how that has gone as far as finding an artist for comic book projects.

Right now I don't think I'm anywhere near where I need to be to pursue anything as far as lyrics go. Maybe I should just work on the poetry and if I manage to be decent at that, then I can look into other things.

Of course, what I should really do is focus on my novel and short fiction. Or maybe I should just write whatever I feel I have to to keep my head from aching at the thought of having a brilliant idea be lost and never to be shared.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dreaming of poetry

After a rough night last week I stayed in bed longer than I probably should have. While trying to sleep but not really, I got really inspired with rhyming lines that would make a good poem. Well maybe not good because I still don't understand writing poetry. At first I thought I dreamed it and that, aside from dreaming the lyrical words, I also dreamed I would never remember it when I woke up. Then I came out of my half sleep, attempting to return and I had the lines in my head. Although, I'm not entirely sure they were the same as the ones I dreamt of. It was all very confusing, as dreams usually are.
Anyway, so it has me stuck once again with a poetry bug regardless of the fact that I cannot write poetry, at least not well. The same could be said for prose but at least with prose I understand enough about it to fake being somewhat good at it.
I've written some new poetry and revised some old poetry. I've cracked open some of my old 'how to write poetry books' and some books that have poetry in them. And I've even been ludicrous enough to toy with the idea of potentially submitting some poetry.
For a while, I was posting anonymously on a poetry community, just to see how bad it was. I really just got an occasional 'that's nice' type of comment that I felt people just did out of obligation in hopes others would respond to their poetry.
I really have no idea if what I'm writing is on a kindergarten level or if it might pass for more. Since the writing group seems to be falling apart I can't go there, which means I have no clue. All I know is that it means something to me so I'm going to consider giving it a try but I definitely need to look into what types of poetry seems to be getting published in the literary magazines latley.
I also might look around for a more active poetry community. Or maybe a writing group for prose and poetry, possibly online so I don't have to worry about meetings.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Just When I Was About To Get Really Irritated

Saturday I was at work with ten minutes to go until I could lock up and head home to my weekend. And of course if anyone works in retail or a restaurant, if the closer has some place to be, those ten minutes will include a customer walking in and keeping everyone past closing time.
That's exactly what happened and of course it put me in a not-so-hot mood. I tried my best to keep up my pleasant attitude but it just annoys me when people don't bother to think that maybe, just maybe, I have a life outside of your job.
And I must confess, at this point of the day I was already testy due to the more than usual amount of rude customers who were more rude than usual. On top of that there's a super difficult employee, more difficult to deal with than the employee who's bad behavior inspired Behind the Naugahyde. Not to mention that the store is just doing badly and it's super slow all day. Under these circumstances time does not go by fast and that makes it even more frustrating when the store's been empty all day until it's time to finally go home.
Wow. I'm really ranting and getting off subject here. Sorry about that.
Anyway, this woman seemed nice enough and I'm pretty certain she didn't realize that we closed when we did. A few other stores in the plaza stay open later and most people assume everyone is open that late. So I tried my best to be less annoyed since it didn't seem she knew any better. Besides maybe she would be a quick customer.
I made chit-chat while we looked for her semi-dressy walking shoes.
"Special event coming up?"
"I'm going to New York"
"Oh, that's exciting, I've never been but would love to go. Business or vacation?"
"I'm going to a Writer and Illustrators conference."
All of my annoyance flies out the door.
We chatted about writing, her name is Ruth McNally Barshaw, and she is the author of hte children's book Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen, Will Travel. Her latest book comes out in July and it's Ellie McDoodle:New Kid in School.
She drew the coolest little sketch of Elli McDoodle. (When I got home I checked out her website RuthExpress, where I learned loads about Ruth and Ellie.) And when I told her I would look in to buying her book she offered to come back to the store and sign it if I ever did.
I didn't want to keep her too long for my own selfish reasons when minutes earlier I had been hoping she would walk out. The conversation we did have was valuable, mostly her saying that writing is a hard business to get into. Her publisher told her that she wished she could tell everyone with a great story that someone would publish them but the business was too competitive for that.
What I enjoyed most about Ms. McNally Barshaw was that she talked about Ellie like she was a real person. As she described the plot of each book she made it sound like Ellie was a little girl she knew that vacationing with annoying family and dealing with mean people at a new school.
Overall, I was just super excited to find a nationally published author lives in my hometown and I sold her the shoes that she is currently walking around NYC in. If I can't be in her shoes at least I sold them to her, right?