Friday, February 15, 2008

Holy Sonnet Batman!

In recent post I've mentioned a few different things. One was looking back on some of my old post that had substance and weren't just filler material I posted to let people know I was still alive. Actually that I might have mentioned quite a while ago. I don't really recall. Anyway, the other was poetry. When I combine these two things I came up with one thought. Sonnets.

Over two years ago, I sat in the last day of writing class, forced to write a sonnet. At the time this was really annoying because I was on a bad kick about my dislike of poetry after having just been forced to write poetry in many different forms, including prose poems. For the record, I still can only guess the difference between a prose poem and a short short. I really think it has to do with sharing thoughts (prose poem) and telling a story (short short). Of course, this is only a guess and really I feel the whole thing is very debatable. Jenni, if you're out there please feel free to enlighten me.

Sorry for the digression. Now back to our regularly scheduled program, which is my brilliant sonnet and the idea that followed, which wasn't all that brilliant and I have yet to follow through on.

I wrote a sonnet about Batman. To me, it seemed really genius. It wasn't something many people would write a sonnet about. I felt my use of BAM! and POW! were an awesome idea and a great tribute to the old comics and t.v. show.
It was definitely one of my favorite things I ever wrote. I loved it so much I vowed to write 154, or however many Shakespeare sonnets there are, comic book character sonnets. I started with a bang, one a week, even buying a rhyming dictionary but I fell off the wagon after a mere 4 and a half started sonnet.
It was difficult to find cool things about each character or quirky things like onomatopoeias and then make them rhyme and fit. I started to wonder if I should have just left it at the awesomeness of Batman. I still think about it. Maybe one day I'll have inspiration to finish. Until then it's in my incomplete stack.
And for anyone who hasn't read the first of my few sonnets and is mildly curious about it, just click here for the original post.

*Why did I not use the title of this post for the original post. And yes a Robin sonnet with Holy something or other in it would be a quote that would equal the quirkiness of the onomatopoeias.*

**Also why does spell check keep telling me that onomatopoeias is wrong and that it should have an apostrophe after the 's'? Am I missing something in my grammar or is spell check just nuts as usual? **

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D.B. Echo said...

I think the plural of onomatopoeia is also onomatopoeia. Though I'm not at all sure.

You got spell check to work? Damn, I hope mine works, too!

A sonnet about Mr. Terrific would be neat. Rich, successful guy decides to kill himself essentially out of boredom, thinks better of it, decides to dedicate himself to equality and fair play. Or something like that. A very cool origin story, and probably some good material for a sonnet.