Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dreaming of poetry

After a rough night last week I stayed in bed longer than I probably should have. While trying to sleep but not really, I got really inspired with rhyming lines that would make a good poem. Well maybe not good because I still don't understand writing poetry. At first I thought I dreamed it and that, aside from dreaming the lyrical words, I also dreamed I would never remember it when I woke up. Then I came out of my half sleep, attempting to return and I had the lines in my head. Although, I'm not entirely sure they were the same as the ones I dreamt of. It was all very confusing, as dreams usually are.
Anyway, so it has me stuck once again with a poetry bug regardless of the fact that I cannot write poetry, at least not well. The same could be said for prose but at least with prose I understand enough about it to fake being somewhat good at it.
I've written some new poetry and revised some old poetry. I've cracked open some of my old 'how to write poetry books' and some books that have poetry in them. And I've even been ludicrous enough to toy with the idea of potentially submitting some poetry.
For a while, I was posting anonymously on a poetry community, just to see how bad it was. I really just got an occasional 'that's nice' type of comment that I felt people just did out of obligation in hopes others would respond to their poetry.
I really have no idea if what I'm writing is on a kindergarten level or if it might pass for more. Since the writing group seems to be falling apart I can't go there, which means I have no clue. All I know is that it means something to me so I'm going to consider giving it a try but I definitely need to look into what types of poetry seems to be getting published in the literary magazines latley.
I also might look around for a more active poetry community. Or maybe a writing group for prose and poetry, possibly online so I don't have to worry about meetings.

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