Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm Going Back

First off, this is my 500th blog post! I would post a look back on my blog over the past years but that can be done in a few sentences rather than a whole post. The last 500 posts have been about the many failures and few triumphs of my writing and how the good and bad events in my life  inspired and hindered my work.

That about sums it up. Now on to current news. I am out of my mind. I have gone back to school. It's been a goal of my for the last five years but I have continuously put it off for one reason or another until now.

I am really excited. I love school and always have. I would take at least one class every semester for the rest of my life if I could. I love learning new things. Some things I like more than others. (Sorry math and science but you are at the bottom of that list). And yes, there are times when I will complain about certain assignments, teachers or work loads but overall I enjoy school.

One of my biggest regrets in life is not starting college right after high school and not working harder at staying in school but in the end I cannot dwell on these things. They have made me who I am and I cannot change it. All I can do is go forward.

Wish me luck!

Currently Reading: The Chronicles of Narnia

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Projects

A few posts back, I mentioned that it was my hope to get back to writing more. And I have been successful. I actually have a few projects going on right now. I’m starting/continuing a new novel. By that, I mean I am taking an old idea and making it new. And I have plans to work on a nearly finished novel. Plus an attempt to dabble in the art of non-fiction for a short, work related project.
Also, I have this 30 before 30 list that was inspired but Jenni. I know it’s several YEARS before I turn 30 but I figured I would start early. (Okay, several months L.) Anyway, enough pouting about getting old, three of the items on this list have to do with writing. Not to mention that I am keeping track of my 30/30 list by writing my goals and accomplishments in my journal. And maybe a few updates on the blog.
Aside from projects, I have a couple of small goals, the first being to blog more. The second, being to actually post reviews on rather than just give a star rating.
I’ve actually found time to work on these thanks to two things. One, I found a nice park near work where I can walk to on lunch, sit down and write. The second is that my husband is working an extra job this summer so he is now gone more. Instead of spending my time hanging out with him I have been writing. What will happen when the weather cools and I can no longer walk to my park and my husband goes back to one job? We shall see. Until then, I am writing!

 Currently reading:- Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz
About to watch- Grimm

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Three's company too!

How is it that I stock piled pre-written blog posts and still managed not to post for over a week? There's a simple explanation. We got another dog!
That makes three. And most people have been very happy for us. A few have been worried that they will become a pack and start ripping each others' throats out. So far all the young two have done is wrestle and play non-stop while the older one naps, which seems to make everyone happy. Things may change but only time will tell.  All I know is that while we weren't looking for another dog, I am very happy that we rescued our new dog. After five months in a shelter he deserved a good home and we have a lot of space and love to share.

While I haven't gotten much writing done, I have done some reading. I finished The Help, which was a really good book. I'm looking forward to renting the movie. Also, I read a YA book called I Hunt Killers. It was  a good read as well. I posted a review of it on my page.

In other news, tomorrow, I am planning on meeting with some other creative people in the area and discussing ideas. It's the groups first meeting and should be a productive experience. I'll try to post about how it goes.