Saturday, August 04, 2012

Three's company too!

How is it that I stock piled pre-written blog posts and still managed not to post for over a week? There's a simple explanation. We got another dog!
That makes three. And most people have been very happy for us. A few have been worried that they will become a pack and start ripping each others' throats out. So far all the young two have done is wrestle and play non-stop while the older one naps, which seems to make everyone happy. Things may change but only time will tell.  All I know is that while we weren't looking for another dog, I am very happy that we rescued our new dog. After five months in a shelter he deserved a good home and we have a lot of space and love to share.

While I haven't gotten much writing done, I have done some reading. I finished The Help, which was a really good book. I'm looking forward to renting the movie. Also, I read a YA book called I Hunt Killers. It was  a good read as well. I posted a review of it on my page.

In other news, tomorrow, I am planning on meeting with some other creative people in the area and discussing ideas. It's the groups first meeting and should be a productive experience. I'll try to post about how it goes.

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