Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting back to business

The job at Goodwill is going well. My schedule has been a bit crazy since I'm training, but next week I go to my permanent home and hopefully, I'll get settled in.
It's quite different to have a job where I can't read, write and be on the Internet. Although, I have managed to write on my lunch breaks, since it doesn't take me a full half hour to eat.
I'm really excited to get back to writing more regularly. I have an itch I need to scratch. There's a lot of built up ideas waiting to get out. Some of them are new, others are working on rewriting, revising, editing and submitting my other works. I feel like I could burst with everything going through my head.
Slipstream has been giving me heck about not writing. He's taking no excuses. He's done everything from offering to buy me paper and pencils, giving story suggestions and just telling me I need to go home and work on a novel. He knows I hate to let people down so I guess I better get to work.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another idea for the to do list.

While I was organizing my writing folders a few weeks ago I had another thought. There were unfinished stories that I had forgotten about long ago but what about the finished ones that have never had a chance.
Sure, I actively submit my short stories but what about the other stuff? Well none of the novels are really ready for queries, and I’m not sure if they ever will be but what I’m talking about is the scripts.
I don’t think it’s any secret that what I really wanted to write is comic books, but I started writing short stories because it’s hard to get anyone to look at comics without an artist. And after a long, frustrating search for an artist, I thought I might have more luck if I was a published writer. So I ventured into short stories, which I actually like writing.
But I still have a few comic scripts and I also have a short film script. I’m pretty fond of most of these stories and I’m really sad that they are just sitting there.
The other day I got to thinking that maybe changing them into short story format, or even novella or novel for one of them, might not be the worst idea. At least then I would know how to go about getting them published. And even though I make them into prose doesn’t mean that one day they can’t go back to their original format of comic book. Look at how many books and short stories are turned into comic books or movies.
That means I have yet another thing to add to my to do list. It seems I keep adding stuff but how many times do I write to say that I can finally scratch something off the to do list.
Hopefully, I'll adjust to my new schedule and get my computer problems fixed soon.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Back on track

The new job is so far so good. Today is my day off so I'm trying to get some stuff done. Like submissions, posting some books and catching up on blogs. And we have writer's group tonight. Due to weddings and vacations we didn't get a chance to meet in August. I was worried once school started in September that we'd be done again, but it looks like we'll get at least one more meeting in tonight.
I'm taking part 3 of 4 of my short story, Christmas Bells. I'm a little worried about what I'll do if we end up not having another group meeting now that that school's back in session. I'll be left with a quarter of my story unreviewed. One of the hazards of working with English teachers, I guess. Although, they are the best people to have critiquing your work.
Well, I'm going to try getting around to blogs now. I'll try to comment so everyone will know I've been by to see them. Hopefully, I'll get back to posting at least twice a week.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

A little info on the new job

Hello! Wow things are so crazy for me as if I haven't said that before. Thanks for all the nice comments. I hope to get back to writing on a more frequent basis now that my schedule will be straightening out.
In case anyone was curious, my new job is at Goodwill. Not only is it full time with benefits but Goodwill has an amazing mission. All of their store profits go to helping people with barriers find employment. So I'm really exciting that my new job includes helping so many people.
Well, I'm not quite sure what my new schedule will be but I'll try to post soon.