Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting back to business

The job at Goodwill is going well. My schedule has been a bit crazy since I'm training, but next week I go to my permanent home and hopefully, I'll get settled in.
It's quite different to have a job where I can't read, write and be on the Internet. Although, I have managed to write on my lunch breaks, since it doesn't take me a full half hour to eat.
I'm really excited to get back to writing more regularly. I have an itch I need to scratch. There's a lot of built up ideas waiting to get out. Some of them are new, others are working on rewriting, revising, editing and submitting my other works. I feel like I could burst with everything going through my head.
Slipstream has been giving me heck about not writing. He's taking no excuses. He's done everything from offering to buy me paper and pencils, giving story suggestions and just telling me I need to go home and work on a novel. He knows I hate to let people down so I guess I better get to work.

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