Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Behind the Naugahyde is back

MySite, is the website company that Jenni and I went through for Originally, they said "if you don't want pop-ups, you have to pay." Jenni paid, but over the last few years we hadn't been using the site much (I know, shame on us!) so we figured a few pop-ups were okay. Well, to be truthful we didn't even really think about it. That is until Jenni had a mysterious charge on her card. She fought with the MySite people and they said they'd reverse the charge... as well as shut our site down.
That's when the awesome Jenni, decided Blogspot is way more popular than MySite and it's FREE! So she started us a snazzy blog that you can see here It has all the old material, just formatted a little different. And hopefully, the new change will motivate Jenni and I to start working hard.


D.B. Echo said...

Wonderful! Excellent! Though you still have to change the BTN link on your sidebar.

You got a mention on one of my recent posts - "If you can read this, you haven't hit bottom yet". Originally it was goiing to be called "If you can read this, you're still OK", referring to the fact that if you have a working computer and internet connection, you're still relatively well-off. Is your computer back to life yet?

Thanks for the add!

D.B. Echo said...

I miss you.