Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winter events of sorts

A huge snow storm is suppose to be on it's way to where I'm at. Of course at noon they said it would be here at 1 and at 5 they said 7. Now they're saying midnight. I've heard everything from 3 to 12 inches. Not that any snow storm is a huge shock at this time of year.
I figured I would take the night off from everything and just relax seeing as how I would have all day tomorrow off to do tons of stuff and I wouldn't want to leave the house. Writing is on my to do list along with cleaning, organizing and shoveling.
In my attempt to relax I kept getting urges to write. My blog needed an update. The music was inspiring me. Current events and relationships in my life were inspiring me. The nagging voice in my head was yelling that I need to get stuff finished. So I've given up on relaxing. I've made a few notes on a new story I would like to start but I really need to finish at least one project in the incomplete file before I even attempt that.
I was hoping that just writing a blog post would tide me over until tomorrow but I don't think this is going to do it. Maybe, just maybe today will be the day I finally finish my holiday story that I have decided to call "Christmas Bells". Remember that story? The one I started in August. Yah I really need to get that done.
Well, I better get to work.

Monday, January 28, 2008

How do you measure a year?

Because it's ending...

...and it's so true!

I know a lot of people look at their life and feel like they haven't accomplished anything, I get in that funk too, especially around birthdays (quarter of a century old this year. eek!) but I think that sometimes we're not looking at the right things.

And I want to wish a *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* to D.B.Echo!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

In which I realize I have few friends

I was tagged and I'm suppose to post a list of blogs then tag other bloggers to post the same list plus their name. It's suppose to bring everyone new readers and boost google rankings. Sounds good in theory except that everyone I would have tagged is already on the list. So I looked through my links to find others and one of the others I thought might be a possible has announced she's no longer blogging. I took this as a sign.
I'm posting the list and so no one feels pressured into coming up with others only to realize they have very few internet friends, I tag no one and everyone. If you want to copy the list and add your name go right ahead. If not that's okay.

The Strategist Notebook
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I doubt anyone, who's not on the list, will actually read this, let alone repost but if by some crazy chance you do let me know and I'll add you to my list.
For the record I can honestly say that I have gotten a few visits to my blog from blogs featuring this list.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Now if I could only get a copy

My plan was to be able to query potential agents today but I'm still looking for that one missing piece of query letter. Where does my book fit in? I've had suggestions that I'm looking into but it seems like the library doesn't have anything I'm looking for. For now queries are on hold. Not just because of my unfinished query but also because I once again bought inferior envelopes that are thinner then paper. They are also being returned to me taped together. I should never have sent them out in the first place but I figured it would be okay. Now I see I was wrong. No more mailing until I get new envelopes.

I've been reading The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind and it's driving me nuts. It's good but the books are so long and I usually average one every two weeks which is just way too slow for me. I'm used to finishing novels in one or two days. I want to know what happens now, not two weeks from now. It's almost as bad as dealing with t.v. shows with episodes that end "to be continued" all season long. I'm too impatient for this.

Currently listening to: Layla-Eric Clapton
Just watched: Superbad
Went to see this weekend: Cloverfield

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Say it isn't so!

I'm so sad. I just got the e-mail that RENT's last performance on Broadway will be June 1st. I promised myself I would see it on Broadway before it left but I also thought I would eventually have money to spend on going to New York. Seriously depressed here.
I know worse things could happen in my life, and they are but I'm still entitled to be bummed.
It's going to be in Grand Rapids in March but only for two days. I haven't gotten tickets yet because I've been low on funds. Now I definitely have to because it will probably be the last time I ever see it :( Major frowny face.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Need A Book

I'm taking my bad experience and turning it into motivation. This weekend I've been making a better, stronger query letter for Going It Alone. In the process I've been trying to think of novels that are written in similar formats for reference. I can't think of anything. To me this is a good thing that I have such a unique story but to an agent that may sound like it wouldn't sell. I believe innovation is the key to great art so I'm not giving up but I'm trying to find one or two novels that have a similar aspect other than it has words.
It's a framing story, where a large story pulls a bunch of short stories together. Parts of the story are the writer's journal and other parts are the fiction the writer is writing.
I'm out of ideas. I can't think of anything remotely close except for one short story, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which bounces from reality to fiction and one graphic novel story, Maus, which goes from a writer writing a story to the story he was writing. To be honest I didn't even come up with those, D.B.Echo did. Either way I'm not sure if referencing short stories or comic books are enough.
I have no idea. I'm so confused.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Did I mention I'm a failure?

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned once or twice that my senior year of high school I took advance composition. As a writer, aspiring to be published, one would assume that I loved this class above all others and put every bit of effort into it. That would be not so accurate.
I did love the class, but it was a lot of work and at the time I thought I had better things to do with my last hour of the school day.
I failed the class, but I didn't need it to graduate so oh well. Not really. I failed a few classes in high school, for instance algebra, physics, geometry, all mostly for a lack of attendance. I thought living was more import than learning and when it comes to those classes, for the most part, I have no regrets. Failing advance comp was the only time I really felt bad about failing.
The teacher was an odd guy, not your usual teacher, but a great teacher. He wanted to make sure we could write a solid essay before we took off for college, he wanted to make sure we read good literature that wasn't the main stream stuff we we're use to and he pushed us to be creative. I think I've mentioned a play that I wrote for his class.
Anyway, he actually wanted us to learn something. Even though I failed, I still learned a lot. I even keep the journal that we had to write in every week filled with the positive comments that he wrote about my work, about my writing. And I kick myself for not finishing that class.
What brought all of this to mind was when he walked into the shoe store today and even though I should have taken it as the chance to apologize for giving up, and told him that I regretted not finishing and that he was still a really good teacher that taught me something regardless of my grade. That's not what I did though, I hid. I hid because I didn't want him to see me selling shoes. It's been nearly seven years since I graduated and I had nothing to say but I sell shoes. And I couldn't face it.
I felt like a huge let down to everyone, including myself. And I know I'm the one to blame for what my life is. I need to work harder so if there's ever a next time I will have something worth saying.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'll dive in that dumpster if I have to

Just because my boss is a jerk and went back on his word, does not mean I'm giving up on my dream to have a Naugahyde curtain. His decision is a minor set back. My next plan of action was put in motion when I put this in the old store today.

Dear New Tenant of 412 FR,

Welcome to your new home in the FR shopping plaza. I hope you are finding everything to your liking and although, at the time of writing this letter, I’m unsure what kind of business this is, I’m still very excited to have a new store here in FR. Every filled store front helps.
As your new neighbor I would like to ask you for a rather large favor. I know this seems a bit rude since you don’t know me but I assure you that I would be forever grateful for your help.
I have worked at the Shoe Store , formerly of 412 FR for several years. There was a point during my employment that I would definitely have regarded this job as the best that I’ve ever had. It was also a time of great fun and friendship, resulting in some of the most significant relationships of my life.
This period was so amazing that my friend and I are writing a book about it. For legal reasons I must insist that it is fiction that is very loosely based on real events and persons.
You’ll have already noticed that your new store home is decorated with lovely green Naugahyde curtains. Although it may seem odd, those curtains are what inspired the title for our novel. I’m not sure what theme you are planning for your new d├ęcor but I would be surprised to find that you are keeping those hanging strips of fake leather. If you are not in fact keeping them, I would greatly appreciate it if I would be privileged to take them off your hands.
I’m not sure if I am still employed at the Shoe Store, now 428 FR, since I’m not sure when you are reading this. If it turns out that I am no longer employed there, they will know how to get a hold of me (Providing they’re still in business. Just to be safe I’ll leave my contact info below.) All I ask is that you take the few minutes to call me before tossing them into the garbage bin. I love them enough that I would dumpster dive for them but it would save me a lot of nose plugs and hand sanitizer if you would allow me to pick them up.
If, for some reason, you see past the stereotypical rules of interior fashion and manage to realize the curtains true beauty, then I cannot hold it against you if you chose to keep them. I will be slightly disappointed but happy they are remaining in a loving home. Hopefully, they will bring joy to your store as well.
That is the favor I ask of you, please contact me if you no longer want the curtains. I would have taken them when we moved but the landlord insisted the store remain in “as is” condition. If you do decide to keep them I will stop by to check on them often, if possible. Maybe my novel writing friend and I can even stop by for a few pictures. Either way, we’ll be sure to send you an autographed copy of our book, Behind the Naugahyde.

Sincerely ,
Shoe Store Manager and Aspiring Novelist
(Hopefully by the time you receive this it will be “Former Shoe
Store Manager and Published Novelist!")

Monday, January 07, 2008

99 boxes of shoes on a cart! 99 boxes of shoes!

I'm here. I made it through last week. We moved an entire shoe store (the contents of a shoe store not the actual building) and attempted to get it up and running. Most of us worked super hard and lots of long hours so we, well I, didn't get any writing done. Although, I doubt anyone else at work got any writing done but it's not exactly a goal of theirs either.

I did start today by taking my grandma to the casino. I won $75 so I purchased my Writer's Market 2008 and stamps! I still don't have ink in my printer but work does. Good thing I invested in a flash drive.

The weather here is unseasonably warm. 60 degrees! That's so not a Michigan January but Kreeg's appreciating the great walking weather when it's not storming, as it is now.

I need to e-mail my writing group and see if there's any chance we will ever meet again. Of course, my work schedule is full of night shifts, which should make finding time even more difficult.

First on my list will be to write an incredibly huge e-mail to Jenni with details of the move and other store madness. All of which is excellent material for Behind the Naugahyde.

Now, to get some work done.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

I used 'Happy New Year' as a title last year so I had to go with something a little different this time.
I just posted the list of novels I read in 2007 on my livejournal

For my New Year's post, I have a few resolutions regarding writing, blogging, reading and life.

1) I need to write or work on a writing related project, (editing, submissions, typing in hand-written work) that involve short stories or novels that I intend to pursue publication for, EVERYDAY!

2) I need to update my blog at least twice a week with new material. At least once a week with a flashback post.

3) Aim for reading a novel a week.

4) I need to go back to school and I need to really step up the job search.

Those are my plans for the new year. I'm not sure how well I'll do but I need something to write about. And who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself.
I'm off to an okay start though. I already worked on my Christmas story today ( I know a little behind) and now I'm doing a blog post. I'm sure I'll read before bed.

The New Year is bringing pretty big changes in my life. One is a personal change that I never thought I'd be strong enough to accomplish.
The other is my job. I'm changing locations and going back to my old schedule. Part of me feels like a failure, part of me is relieved. A lot of me doesn't know if it's for the best and wonders what will really happen.
Two things are for sure. I will no longer have hours of customerless down time at work to do nothing but read, write and edit. But I'm going to be working nights and I'm a night person. I used to get way more writing and writing related stuff accomplished when I would come home from work and then write until I fell asleep. I never really got used to the new, now old, schedule. Maybe the change back will be good. Despite the fact that I will no longer be getting paid for sitting around doing my own personal work rather than store work.