Monday, January 21, 2008

Now if I could only get a copy

My plan was to be able to query potential agents today but I'm still looking for that one missing piece of query letter. Where does my book fit in? I've had suggestions that I'm looking into but it seems like the library doesn't have anything I'm looking for. For now queries are on hold. Not just because of my unfinished query but also because I once again bought inferior envelopes that are thinner then paper. They are also being returned to me taped together. I should never have sent them out in the first place but I figured it would be okay. Now I see I was wrong. No more mailing until I get new envelopes.

I've been reading The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind and it's driving me nuts. It's good but the books are so long and I usually average one every two weeks which is just way too slow for me. I'm used to finishing novels in one or two days. I want to know what happens now, not two weeks from now. It's almost as bad as dealing with t.v. shows with episodes that end "to be continued" all season long. I'm too impatient for this.

Currently listening to: Layla-Eric Clapton
Just watched: Superbad
Went to see this weekend: Cloverfield


supertiff said...

i think i'm going to go ahead and take my girls to the show in's tuesday feb, 19th. i'll probably buy the tickets in the next few days. if you want to come, let me know. we could meet for dinner or could be fun.

D.B. Echo said...

I regret to inform you that you have been tagged! have you!

Ashley said...

Tiff- I had an unfortunate weekend with a sick dog and broken dryer that tapped out the bank account so I won't be able to buy tickets with you this week :( However, I'm holding out hope that I'll still be able to afford tickets in time if the show doesn't sell out. Or maybe I'll be able to go early in the morning of the show and try for the famous front row $20 seats.
In the mean time I would hate for you to wait for me and not get seats or end up in the last row. Then if I do get tickets maybe we could still meet for dinner or something since we'll both be at the show!

supertiff said...

i ended up buying tickets for us to go see the show in grand's a wednesday, either march 4th or 5th. you should definitely buy tickets if you can squeak the money out, and we could definitely have dinner before hand.
p.s. my little sisters are cool, don't worry.

and this way, there's a little more time for you to see if you can afford it.