Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Say it isn't so!

I'm so sad. I just got the e-mail that RENT's last performance on Broadway will be June 1st. I promised myself I would see it on Broadway before it left but I also thought I would eventually have money to spend on going to New York. Seriously depressed here.
I know worse things could happen in my life, and they are but I'm still entitled to be bummed.
It's going to be in Grand Rapids in March but only for two days. I haven't gotten tickets yet because I've been low on funds. Now I definitely have to because it will probably be the last time I ever see it :( Major frowny face.


supertiff said...

fcdohmygod, we need to talk:

i was just 2.2 minutes away from buyinng tickets to see RENT in saginaw in feb, because my little sisters have never seen it, and it's only there for one night. the thing is, i'm suspicious of any show that's in anywhere (let alone saginaw) for only one night. i mean, they've never seen it before. i don't want them to see some crap version.

so, here's the deal:
i was thinking of taking them to see it in chicago, where there's a long-term run going. if we go, we'll stay at my uncle's apartment downtown. it's not broadway, but you can join us if you want.
the thing is, i didn't know grand rapids was an option. do you feel like it will be a better show than saginaw? whatever the case, we could use this as an excuse to meet in real life...that could be SWEET.

supertiff said...

p.s. i have an aunt who lives in NYC (in the same building as SJP and matthew broderick), but i want to spend my big vacation going to san fran for blogher. are you not thinking of going?

Ashley said...

Tiffany- I didn't even know it was going to be in Saginaw or I would have considered that too! I think the one night event is okay. They were probably trying to get a few more dates in the area and that was the only time certain theaters had available. when it was in E.Lansing last year it was only here for two days and the show was just as fantastic, with the same touring cast, as when I saw it in Detroit a month or so early when it was there for a week. So I think it would be okay. I figure it's a national tour with the same cast performing everywhere.
I did see it was playing in Chicago but wasn't certain if I could afford the trip but if you're going to any of the shows anywhere let me know!
It would be awesome to finally meet you and to see RENT one last time!