Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

I used 'Happy New Year' as a title last year so I had to go with something a little different this time.
I just posted the list of novels I read in 2007 on my livejournal

For my New Year's post, I have a few resolutions regarding writing, blogging, reading and life.

1) I need to write or work on a writing related project, (editing, submissions, typing in hand-written work) that involve short stories or novels that I intend to pursue publication for, EVERYDAY!

2) I need to update my blog at least twice a week with new material. At least once a week with a flashback post.

3) Aim for reading a novel a week.

4) I need to go back to school and I need to really step up the job search.

Those are my plans for the new year. I'm not sure how well I'll do but I need something to write about. And who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself.
I'm off to an okay start though. I already worked on my Christmas story today ( I know a little behind) and now I'm doing a blog post. I'm sure I'll read before bed.

The New Year is bringing pretty big changes in my life. One is a personal change that I never thought I'd be strong enough to accomplish.
The other is my job. I'm changing locations and going back to my old schedule. Part of me feels like a failure, part of me is relieved. A lot of me doesn't know if it's for the best and wonders what will really happen.
Two things are for sure. I will no longer have hours of customerless down time at work to do nothing but read, write and edit. But I'm going to be working nights and I'm a night person. I used to get way more writing and writing related stuff accomplished when I would come home from work and then write until I fell asleep. I never really got used to the new, now old, schedule. Maybe the change back will be good. Despite the fact that I will no longer be getting paid for sitting around doing my own personal work rather than store work.


Missy said...

I definitely want to read more. I was shocked when I realised how little reading I've been doing lately. Yay for the library!

Ian Castruita said...

I personally just got a white board put up in my office today so I could write down all the things I want to accomplish. Supposedly having a list constantly in your face is great motivation; but I guess we'll see if it works or not!

Best of luck succeeding in your resolutions this year Ashley!


Ashley said...

Missy- I'm hoping to read at least 50 novels this year and I can't imagine buying them all so I'll probably be a frequent visitor of the library.

Ian- I have a white board in my office. It started on the wall and is now buried in a stack of stuff. I'm pretty sure I haven't updated it in months.
I wish you much more success with your list of things to accomplish!