Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fan-fic, finish script, goodbye store, go see RENT

I came up with a pretty interesting idea for some Harry Potter fan fiction. I'm hoping to get that written up and sent in on time.
Inspiration didn't really hit until I was in bed trying to sleep. I didn't feel like getting out of bed to write. Since I use my cell phone as an alarm clock (actually that's all I use it for) I picked it up and typed my ideas into several different "reminders".

I set a goal for myself to finish my realistic hero story by the end of Monday. It shouldn't be hard since I have a good outline I just have to break it down into script.

A few things not necessarily related to comics. The book store down the street from my house is closing tomorrow. While I was very excited to stock up on books for cheap I was also sad. I used to walk there with my grandpa when I was little and he would buy me a book or a comic. It contributed greatly to my love for reading. It's also unhappy to see another business bite the dust because it could be my job next.

On a happier note, I got my Wharton Center tickets today! I love local theater and I do actually go to performances but it's really awesome to see some big productions. I'll be going to see the Dracula Ballet ( I love both ballet and Dracula so this should be cool) and six days before my birthday I will be in the grand terrace seeing, you guessed it, RENT! YAY!

Just watched : Who wants to be a Superhero?!
Currently reading: 52 #12, Daredevil #87, Nightwing #122, Batman #655, Supergirl #8, Teen Titans Go #33

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