Thursday, April 13, 2006

On the move.

I've slacked off on the blogging lately for one good reason. I'm moving.
Last week my slumlord called and told me to get out because he wants his house back. So I spent last week in a panicked search. Thankfully I found a new place in a timely fashion. I'm moving in on May 1st. Now I'm on to packing, which if you've ever been to my house, you know I have a lot of stuff. I'm a collector of many things. Action figures, comic books, books, statues, comic art, shot glasses, DVD's, CD's. Each of the categories I named means I own well over a hundred of each category. I'm certain the comics go into the thousands. I also have an office with about four file drawers full of writing in some state of completion.

The funny thing is I never realized how much moving affects my writing. First off I have have submissions out that will be coming to this address. Yes I know there is forwarding but I've noticed things can slip through the postal service cracks. And we all know if there is one person that wants to publish me, it will be the one whose response letter doesn't get forwarded. Second, I couldn't start my big project because it's just too huge to move mid-project. So it's on delay. Also I'll need to make new business cards. Plus moving all my junk and the time that I waste packing, moving and unpacking in which I could be writing. Hopefully things go well and the transition is smooth and fast. We'll see.

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