Sunday, September 13, 2009

Work to do

I met with my writing group tonight. While my Internet was down, again, I got some writing done and actually managed to rewrite some more of my former comic book script, Incognito. I've been taking a little bit of it every month to writing group. I didn't get as much done for this meeting as I would've liked to. I got one scene but it was only two pages. There was another super short scene I had wanted to add but time got away from me this weekend. Despite having three days off.
I've gotten positive feedback so far. I'm trying to make the story a little more humorous since I'm starting to think that might be my strength.
Now we have a solid Internet connection so as long as that holds up, I should be updating more. I actually have quite a few writing projects on the burners right now. And most of them involve other people, which is a good thing because then I feel obligated to keep up with them. I hate letting people down.
And on that note, I should probably get to work.

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