Sunday, September 06, 2009

Coming Home

It's been three long weeks without Internet and thanks to moving there was little chance to get to the library and do anything, but I'm back now. We managed to get moved into our new house. It's in the same neighborhood that I've lived in twice before. The neighborhood where many of my friends from my school days lived. I love it here and I'm glad we found this house. I have a huge office. (I need to get a big comfy reading chair!) And a whole room for my sale books. There's also a closed in porch for me to write outside but be free from the rain and mosquitoes. It's in a great neighborhood to walk so that I can think things through and there's a park nearby to sit and write at. Plus, there's a huge basement and garage that leaves lots of room for Slipstream Graphics to paint. And the garage leads to the possibility of some very big paint jobs.
This house is a writer and artist's dream come true. We're very happy here. I'm so excited.
And we're finally unpacked for the most part. There's still a few books in boxes but everything is set up and I'm ready to start cranking out some stuff.
The thing I love most about this house is that there's no tension or drama among roommates. There's no one bothering me every second. It's peaceful. And despite having a wonky work schedule, I'm pretty content right now and I feel that if I could just find a routine, that I could really make some progress with writing.

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