Monday, August 14, 2006


I just want to say that my mouse sucks. Most of the time it doesn't move at all. I've tried cleaning it and throwing it across the room, neither has worked. I really want one of those way cool laser mouses but seeing as how I have negative money I don't think it will be happening.
My computer has also been sucking lately but I think it's because AIM and yahoo are constantly running. I've also had just about every file related to "Behind the Naugahyde" open and that's a lot of huge files.
Finally my computer just went down closing all the files with it. Only minor temper tantrums will occur since everything was saved.
On the bright side since my mouse has decided to not function, it makes wasting time on the internet very annoying so I'm doing it a lot less, thus giving me more time to write, in theory.

About to watch: Real World/Road Rules Challenge-Fresh Meat(I know I need help, I really shouldn't watch it but it is so addictive. Yikes!)


jenni said...

My laptop has one of the finger pad mouses instead, so I can only ever either 1) eat or 2) dink around on the internet but not both. As you can see, right now I'm dieting! ;)

D.B. Echo said...

Hmmmm. I can't see your sidebar anymore. And I don't think I filed away your LiveJournal address, at least not to my Internet Explorer favorites.

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