Sunday, August 20, 2006

Now available!

What a day!
I finished my part of chapter 5. Now I'm working on the first part of chapter 6. The reason that we're only doing part is because 5 kind of ends in a mini-cliff hanger.
I'm real excited about working on this. I keep thinking of hilarious things to put in. One of them is inspired by a Pussycat Dolls' video. It involves stripper moves and what else, a Naugahyde curtain. Yep! It's just that wacky!
The part that I'm writing for chapter six will involve a lot of superhero inspired maneuvers, a battle between a smart woman and an arrogant boy, plus a poster of a naked body part.
I hope I'm getting some suspense built up.

Okay onto my other big news. It is now available. The September 2006 Issue of Writer's Post Journal is now available through LBF books. I will be adding the link to my side bar. A few words of warning to anyone who may want to actually by it. First is that it's not my typical kind of story. It's funny( I think) but it's not superheroes, action, adventure, sci-fi. The next is that the magazine cost $9 plus $2.50 postage and the story is flash fiction. While I would love for many to buy it I realize it's quite pricey for such a short story so I won't be mad if no one buys it. Of course just because my story is short it is filled with lots of other fabulous stories and it will help support a small literary magazine that makes dreams come true for writers.

Currently watching: The Jaws marathon on AMC. Not 1, 2, or 3 but 4 Jaws movies, in a row.

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jenni said...

I'm totally buying it! I can't wait! :)

My word verification is pffdy, which I think is what P. Diddy will go by next.