Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No stamps, no envelopes, no business cards, no magazine, no money!

I decided to take a quick break from editing chapter 5 and writing chapter 6 so last night I thought I'd work on submissions. Only to find I was completely out of stamps and only had a few of my overly sticky envelopes. Then I began to realize that I am almost out of my lovely business cards that have the hand written sticker updates. None of these things I can afford until Friday.
I also haven't been able to order my own copy of Writer's Post Journal because of lack of money. While I do get a free sample copy, I can only receive it once I have sent in a self-addressed stamped envelope, which brings me back to having no postage.

And to think I really wanted to quit my job. Good thing I didn't just dive into that.

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