Monday, August 07, 2006

A funny thing happened

Jenni and I decided to get together today and plan the next chapters of our book. Originally, I was going to drive to her house but since my accelerator decided it would like to get stuck and give me a heart attack while I nearly rear end several cars, we decided it would be best if she stopped by my house.

I have to say I think these chapters will be the best yet. One idea we had was so funny that I burst out into laughter before I could even manage to tell Jenni what it was. It was just that good. Hopefully, we can tell the story as well as we picture it in our crazy heads because we were laughing so much while we were outlining it.

Since Jenni and I were at my house and it seemed as if fate had stepped in to get us both at my house rather than hers, I was almost certain a letter would come from Writer's House today. By the time Jenni left, the mail had not arrived. Even though the mail had missed Jenni the letter came today.

I called Jen and opened it while we were on the phone. I'm sure everyone has assumed that I would not have taken this long to get around to telling you the awesome news had it been good news at all. The assumption was correct. It was an "unfortunately" letter. They did give us some good feedback, making it slightly more bearable than a "Dear Author" letter.

Now our plan is to write out the chapters we planned today and then go back and work on the first chapters. We'll also be working on getting out more submissions. If all else fails, "We'll publish through a vanity press then get it on Oprah."

Just saw: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

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jenni said...

"We'll publish through a vanity press then get it on Oprah."

Damn straight! LOL ;)