Friday, August 25, 2006

My day off!

I have been working my butt off today. It's my day off from work so I went into my office at 1:00 and I have been here since then. I took a few breaks to eat and watch the news but I have been cranking out the stuff.

First off, I got a ton of submissions set and ready to go once I get some stamps tomorrow.
Then I tore through chapter 5 of "Behind the Naugahyde". It took me a lot longer this time. Now that we've had rejection I am really trying hard to pay attention. Hopefully it will help.
The other thing I did was come up with a really neat idea. Now that I had a story published, I have to let the other publishers I sent it to know that it's been accepted since it was sent out simultaneously. I feel like a whole letter for this is a bit much. So I thought of postcards but what kind of post card do you send. Then it occurred to me that I had read that if you have a book signing or want to promote a story that it's a good idea to send postcards to those who may not have e-mail. That's when I got the brilliant idea to have my own postcards made. I checked the company that I get my business cards through and they had these really cool layouts. I already designed them and I am going to order them when I get my new business cards. I'll have to start a mailing list for mail now. Of course, I don't really have one for e-mail, so perhaps I'll start one of those too. And both the postcards and business cards promote this awesome blog!
Other than that I filed away the stack of papers on my desk that were higher than me and put an ad on digital webbing for a comic book artist. The ad says female hero and no pay which pretty much means no one will respond but I had to try. I tried it before that's when I found the artist that could draw characters but not backgrounds and the guy whose work was phenomenal but he couldn't read English.
I also put a post on my live journal and myspace blog about my story being published. I tried to do a myspace bulletin but there was an error so I guess I'll try again tomorrow.

I had a lot of fun just working on writing and writing related stuff, even if it did use up my whole day off. I really wish I could quit my job and do this all the time. It's a beautiful dream, isn't it?

Now I'm off to watch my recording of 'Who wants to be a superhero?"

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