Sunday, March 18, 2007

Under $10

Well after a bunch of attempts I finally got my sitemeter working, my sidebar now includes a list of blogs and a writing tip of the day. Plus, as can be seen, I decided to change to the super cool red template since I never figured out why I had a green one. Not that I'm dissing green. I like green, but I love red.
Anyway, at work last week I mostly read since I have a book that needs to be taken back the library but I'm not finished. I did write a little bit of chapter 10 of Behind the Naugahyde. Of course since I have to write long hand at work, now I have to find time to type up what I've written.
My new job is really boring, I don't have any crazy stories that would make good book material because no one comes in.
I did go to the book store this weekend and I got a book, 'how to edit your novel', on clearance for $3. I wonder what the quality must be if it only cost $3 but I'm on a shopping kick where I don't buy anything over $10. I've been using this with books, clothes and movies and it's working out pretty well. What did I do with all that saved money? I bought a giant stack of comic books and it's a crazy loophole because they are very rarely over $10 a piece.
Speaking of comics, I did get to see 300 this weekend. I had never read the comic but I liked the movie. I didn't splurge for the IMAX though.
Hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick's day and didn't get too drunk off of cheap green wine that cost $2.50 a bottle but since it was green it was on sale for $2.00. Oh wait that was me and notice it's still under $10!

Been watching: The Winner, Dead Like Me
Just saw: Lemony Snicketts and a Series of Unfortunate Events


tiffany said...

i think my boyfriend almost shat himself with happiness when he saw 300.
and i only say that because it ounded better than the other thing i could have referred to.

i hate to ask a totally lame question...
but, do you have myspace?
i'm just trying to figure out a way where you guys could have some kind of contact with one another.
maybe it would be good for both of you.

ok, i just realized that might seem, 'hi, my name is tiffany.would you like to make out with my boyfriend?'
that IS NOT what i meant.

i just know it's great when you stumble across people who love the same things that you love...
and he's a graphics person, while you're a writer person...
so maybe it would be good if you were aware of each other.
that's all i'm saying, i swear.

Ashley said...

Tiffany- You want me to do WHAT with your boyfriend?
No I'm just kidding. I do like to talk to other people that like my interests since some people look at me like I'm crazy when I start talking about them.
And yes I do have myspace. I think there's a link to it in my sidebar but with my template change it may no longer be there. So just in case.

(I know, you're looking at me like I'm crazy right now as you read my myspace address.)

Thanks for thinking of me!