Friday, March 23, 2007

Editing and libraries.

Okay I edited my teleportation story. Hopefully it's sci-fi enough and well written. That would probably help. I'll reread it tomorrow to double check for typos after I haven't been staring at it for a few hours.

What's my next project? Well I still need to finish my part of Behind the Naugahyde chapters 10, 11, 12. I would like to finish it this weekend but no promises.

After that I'm going to start a fictional story that centers around HIV/AIDS infected characters. I already know a bit about this subject but there is always more to know. I've been working on really professional sounding interview questions because I have a few people I want to interview for research purposes. I also went to the library for some books.
Here's a little fact for you. I know I've written at some point that there are three branches of the Capital Area District Library that I frequent. The main branch downtown because it has the biggest selection, the south side which is a few blocks away from my house but it's in the poorer side of town and it's usually filled with unattended children, and there's the one near my work in the wealthy town which is usually very quiet but has snotty librarians.
Anyway, I went to the south side branch yesterday and it had 18 books on the topic of HIV/AIDS. Today I went to the wealthy town library, which is about the same size as the south side library, and they had 4 books on the subject of HIV/AIDS. And that's what they carry not what they have available.

On a completely different topic, all this search for non-fiction makes me long for card catalogs. The little drawers in the library filled with index cards that listed every book in the library alphabetically under title, author and subject. I loved flipping through those when I was younger. I felt like I was an investigator looking for that one book that held the answer. Now that it's on the computer I'm just typing. I do that all the time. I'm doing it right now. Big wow.


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