Monday, July 04, 2005

On a Role

I know, I know. I probably write in this journal way more than anybody wants to read (that is if anybody reads it at all). But sometimes I just get so happy or overwhelmed or both, about what's going on with my writing, that I just have to talk about it. Unfortunately, nobody really seems to care to listen (another reason to believe nobody reads this).
So what I wanted to tell the world is that I have been kicking out the words in full force this week. I set a deadline for myself Thursday night to have issue three done by Wednesday. I got it done Friday afternoon. Then today I wrote my paper for class, which I usually save until the last minute. I also wrote one of my comic reviews for this week, which needs to be done as soon as comics come out on Wednesday. (It's a great thing to be fortunate enough to read the store's staff preview comics that arrive a week early.)
Now back to my comic, I have started the fourth issue. It has been set out beat by beat and now all I have to do is fill in the blanks. I also did a few updates of the earlier issues and put some notes on where to throw in some more action (which will make them longer), and it will be filled in by the artist at a later time.

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