Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Meaning

Another week of writing reviews and class papers went by and I made it through. The reviews were actually easy. The paper for class was tough. I did well at the beginning of class but I seem to be doing worse and worse. Maybe analyzing other's work isn't my thing. I think it's really hard when you have to give the interpretation of a story but it has to be the one your teacher thinks is right. Different stories have different meanings to everyone. And the teacher tells us to think freely but it seems hard to believe that you could be unbiased when your the authority on the subject and the little people disagree with you. So I have a hard time writing the essays and mostly because I stress over finding the meaning of the story for my teacher rather than what it means to me.
The reviews however seem to come easier every week. Whether people like them who knows. Comics are more my thing anyway.
My inquiry into the superhuman story was not a reject, I did get guidelines for a submission. It's for an on going series and you don't need experience. Fortunately they check submissions every 2 to 4 weeks, so if I don't get something done right away, all hope is not lost.
In the good news section, I would like to say that my 3rd issue is almost done and I will have help publishing it which will give me plenty of time to do more fun stuff like write.

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