Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Jumping In

I try to get every job I possibly can as a writer. I will work for free, that's fine. But if you want to get noticed you have to get yourself out there. So the other day I saw an ad for a writer of a sci-fi/western story. And I had already started on a new idea for that genre, because as I mentioned before, I was invited to write another story for the first sci-fi/western anthology I had written for. So I thought that I would send that idea to this different ad because it would mean exposure in two completely different books instead of just one. Therefore more people would see my work.
Now normally when I see an ad I think about responding for a while, because I am scared. But lately I dislike most things about my life except writing. I realize that if you're going to do something you have to just jump right in, no hesitation. And so I convinced myself to respond without even looking twice (instead of the four or five times I normally do, making sure I meet every qualification).
Guess what?
It was an ad for the same anthology I'm already working on. I felt like a moron. If I had taken the time to reread it like I had before, I would've realized that it had the exact same guidelines. But the response from the publisher was nice. He has a possible penciler and inker for the story and he said I could still write another story. And I apologized for being such a buffoon, and mentioned that if I ever get time to work on it another story might be coming his way.

Anyway, to what I've been working on lately, I had some difficulty retrieving my comic script to send to my artist. But have been working on the next issue as well. I have got my comics for this week and am preparing to write my review(s) for Comic Avalanche. But mostly I spent my time writing for my critiquing literature class.
This week we had to write an essay about a story where the character finds out some life shattering news at the end of the story. And we had to prove whether or not they knew the information all along. The paper it self took ten minutes to write but the deliberation of which side to take took me at least an hour.
I love and hate stories like that. I hate the uncertainty. However, I love not only that the writer entrust you to make up your own mind about the story based on the little part of it you have read, but also how it really means something different to everyone who reads it.

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