Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hang on Snoopy!

I know it's been a while but I haven't really had much to tell anyone about. The self-publishing comic is still going on. I try to write a page of script a day but I'll admit I've been very bad about that. Sorry!
I must say that I have been doing a lot of writing for school and my reviews, so my writing time is now being dispersed for deadlines. And in case anyone is wondering, the reviews came a little easier this week, but still a challenge. I also felt more confident in my opinions, so I feel it's progress.
I am also sorry to say that I received an e-mail saying I did not get the jungle-girl gig. Apparently, it was very coveted because it was a mass reject mail with over sixty names. No kidding. So I think that the vampire horror/adventure I applied for, which ad I found on the same site, probably got similar response numbers. That's why I didn't get it, because there were way better applicants. But the jungle-girl publisher was very kind in sending a thanks, but no thanks letter. Another to add to the stack.
Some days I feel like Snoopy. And if you don't get what I mean by that you need to read all the old Peanuts Gang strips, especially those with Snoopy on top of his dog house with a typewriter before him or if he's checking the mail. Then you'll understand.

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