Thursday, June 16, 2005

Up to the challenge

Well yesterday I was given the challenge of writing my second set of reviews for Comic Avalanche. It was tough because there wasn't anything I particularly wanted to read. However, after forcing myself to read stuff just for the reviewing I actually enjoyed it. This project however, wasn't that easy. I don't think I'm a good critic, but you learn from a challenge. So I will continue on and hope to do well.
As for other projects, my self-publishing project seems to be coming along well. But nothing interesting to report, yet.
I think that the horror-action/ vampire job is not going to be mine but that's okay because if I can't sell it anywhere else it's going right here. Of course, I have to finish it first but it kind of has a back burner since it's not in high demand.
I applied for a job writing a jungle girl story, so that could be interesting. And I am still working on the second sci-fi/western. Other than that things are pretty mellow.

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