Thursday, June 02, 2005

Picture Imperfect

Okay so here is the latest update. I have finished issue two and it is shorter than the first so clearly I am still battling with my unboring filler material problem. I just know that the third and fourth issue are going to be ten times as long as the first two and then I'll have to figure that out. The education continues.

So I just turned in a synopsis for the horror/adventure story that is supposed to be something in the werewolf and vampire hunter style. Mine is kind of like that. If it gets rejected by the publisher I'll finish the story and print it right here. An exclusive original story for my fans. Try to contain yourselves. And don't jinx me just cuz you wanna see it here first. HAHAHA!
Now seriously, I finally lost patience and mailed a note to the publisher to the sci/fi western story. I had been frustrated thinking he might have stolen my story and then it hit me that you'd have to be pretty bad at writing to claim my stuff as your own and that is when I figured that he must have absolutely hated it. But it turns out that he liked it, he's just been busy. Which I can very well understand. But the crazy thing is that he wants a bio and a picture of the anthology. I have never taken a good picture. So I thought a crazy picture of me would be a good idea, then I would have a reason to look stupid and it would be funny. But would it really be funny? I have a horrible sense of humor that no one else seems to get, so would they just think I'm a lunatic? They probably would, especially after reading my work. Anyway, I'm sure it will all work out.
By the way I am sorry for entries that are one long paragraph, I am an idiot when it comes to using this blog.

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