Friday, May 27, 2005

Back to work

Okay I am a moron because I just wrote everything I am about to write and then closed the screen sending it in to internet oblivion never to be found again.

So here's what's going on after the excitment of being published. I am back to the hard work.

Currently I am finsihing up the second issue of my comic and hopefully starting an artist on the first.
My problem with finishing the issue has been filling the pages but not boring the reader. I have no idea how this is done and hope that it's something I'll eventually learn. Let me just say now that anyone who will eventually read the comic should know that I am giving this project 200% but it is not going to be the most phenominal thing you will ever read in your life. In fact it will probably stink compared to most things but it's a learning experience for me that will hopefully build up to somehting I will write that might be half way decent. However, that does not mean it has to be the most boring thing you've ever read. So every minute I struggle with finidng a way to fill the pages with relevant material that is not going to put the reader to sleep as this jouranl entry probably is.

After finishing the second issue I might take a small break to write a horror /adventure story for an add I found. I also might write a sequel for Double Take. I did have some ideas for their future college years so maybe I'll do that.

Other than all the babble above I really don't have any exciting news to report except for the arrival of my new business cards that promote this blog and my writing of course. Now I just have to stop feeling like a fool about wanting to be a writer and start handing them out. Cuz that's the only way they're gonna work.

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