Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Exciting News

Okay let me first start by apologizing. I am very new to blogs and I think I messed mine up already. My first original post keeps appearing and you have to go to archives to find my latest post. I don't know how I did that, but hopefully this one works better.

So now for the exciting news. About a year ago I submitted Double Take, a short story to a new web zine called Paper Dragon Ink. The editor said he liked it and sent some changes, I made them and returned them. And didn't hear back. However, I still get issues sent to me and checked them out to support others for a while. But I hadn't been doing so lately. Well yesterday while trying to figure out how I messed up my journal here the new issue arrived in my mail box.
And my name is in the contents. YES! You heard me right. I have gotten my first published works. I encourage everyone to go to www.paperdragonink.com and check it out. Go to introduction, then back issues, May 16th. And check out their website it really is cool for writers and artist trying to get some publishing experience.
Well that's my exciting news. They must have ran out of better stuff to publish. But I'm thrilled no matter what.

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