Thursday, October 06, 2005

My Novel Idea

I just want to say that I have started my novel. Yes folks it's true, last Saturday I typed the first words. Now I'm not gonna give anything away yet but I have been working diligently. I set a schedule for myself and have stuck to it. In fact, I really like my schedule and I think I'll make them for other stories in the future.

Don't be disappointed in me, because I feel I have good reason, but I have officially decided my comic reviews are done. As I wrote last week I was unsure but something happened last week that made up my mind. I had been annoyed that some of my reviews were not published but last week someone changed the grade I gave to a book. It's find to edit things but don't ask for someone's opinion then change it.

I'm not slacking off though. I'm still writing for the paper, and school's going super well with poetry and all.


Mo said...

Hi Ashley! I hope you'll get great inspiration for your novel and hopefully you'll stick to that schedule!
good luck!

Bub said...

Hey Ash I know if any one can write a great novel it's you