Saturday, October 29, 2005

I can't sleep!

I started my day off by checking my e-mail since I have yet to hear from my interviewee for one of my stories. No call, no e-mail. This stinks because my editor wanted that story by today. I told my editor it would have to be Monday but that means I have to track down the media co-ordinator of the college, get my interview and write it on Monday. I doubt he'll get back to me over the weekend. To top that off, I have another story not due until Tuesday but it's for the cheerleading club that had practice on Thursday. Since I had to work I asked another writer to cover the meeting and they could write the article or not whatever they chose. The writer agreed to it, then called me at work today to say they didn't get to the meeting which was from 5 to 7 last night because they got stuck in traffic. Not only was it a kind of lame excuse but you could have called right away. Now I have to track down the advisor and hopefully a couple of members on Monday and Tuesday. I could have started that before work today had I known.

After getting home from work, I went to see the movie Zorro. It was great to watch the original masked vigilante back in action. It also inspired me for an awesome story, I hope. So the minute I got home I went to jot down some notes and instead ended up hand-writing almost the whole story in prose form. I really thought it would be better as a comic book, especially because I would love for it to be ongoing and that is my true writing passion. But since I had so much trouble finding my first artist, I might just submit it as a short story for now. It also works well because I was a little stressed about writing both articles and having a story outline that is required for class next week. I have been working a lot and have plans for every night this week. So if I don't get a chance to think of an outline for another story, I'll just outline this one.

After staying up too late writing my story, I tried to go to sleep. But then I started watching the A+E Biography of Stephen King, which encouraged me. It was nice to hear about the many rejections he got and how his persistence got him where he is. It makes you feel better when you look at the huge file folder marked rejections and the papers are already starting to bulge out. Don't worry I don't disillusion myself in believing that I would ever be even remotely close to being as successful, but it's nice to know even the best-sellers have struggled.

After that I was going to go to sleep but I usually sleep with the T.V. or radio on. Which is what started my next thought. The Pussycat Dolls annoy me. Their first single is Don't Cha, the second is Stick Wittu. Pardon me if I spelled that wrong. I was going to check the dictionary but I have a feeling some of those words might not be in there. My complaint is if you are going to use mushy words that might be considered proper slang terms or something, at least be consistent. It's got me confused should I replace you with cha or ttu? As a writer I think I should know which is correct for future reference.

Once this thought drifted out of my head I was set on going to sleep. I know this may sound crazy but I usually drift to sleep when I focus on a story I've written, am writing , or might write. I like to play the scenario's out in my head. Sometimes it's crap and sometimes it's the best thing ever and you jump out of bed to write it down before you forget it. Guess what tonight was?

It's 4 in the morning I have to be to work at 9:30ish. And I still can't sleep. So I'll keep writing.

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