Monday, October 17, 2005

Still going

The novel is still going strong, I have only missed one day since I started. I think it could actually be finished ahead of schedule.
I didn't write for the paper last week, and I stopped my reviews. So now I feel like I'm not doing anything.

Class is still going well but I still question the content sometimes. I turned in a story and the main character got picked on at school for wetting their pants. My teacher actually wrote that she didn't feel it was solid motivation for middle school bullies. What school did she go to? I'm still struggling with the poetry but fortunately the due date got postponed a week.

The comic book seems to be idling right now. I'm still just waiting for things that are out of my hands. That is the toughest part.

I have come up with a new comic idea. I'm going to write up a proposal and send it out to a few small companies. So hopefully that has a somewhat good outcome.

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